Gov. Kasich, who has his mind and career set on being a Republican original, headed into the GOP heartland of Western Ohio again this week to sign a resolution calling for a federal balanced budget. It was in Lima, marking the spot of Kasich’s  “makeshift capital” for his earlier state-of-the-state speech.

He was joined by a platoon of his party’s leaders in the Ohio General Assembly.  According to the event’s chroniclers,  the sub-historic document (unless it was a first for Lima) will be sent to President Obama  and Congress.  In so doing,  he proved me wrong.  I had expected him to do it at the Ohio State-Michigan  game hovering over Ann Arbor in the Goodyear blimp.

I should remind the Guv,  however, that the balancing act,  like cutting food stamps to impress the penny savers,  is nothing new as a means to  flatter one’s public image. The idea has been around since Henry VIII and has limped through a series of administrations in Washington  (including Reagan and the Bushes) without gaining an inch.

So where’s the originality, the prescience , the nobility, of these charades to upgrade one’s standing on the ballot?  Wanna bet this empty gesture will be DOA again?

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  • Cathy Crisenbery

    What have the poor citizens of Lima done to deserve this sorry fellow visiting so often?

  • jr6020

    In the meantime we have an inept Dem candidate who picks a tax-cheater as a running mate and you wonder if he has the judgement to be Governor…

  • Think.

    I am against more right-to-work laws, restricted voting, weakening of the Ohio EPA and charter school expansion, so I will strongly support this very capable Fitzgerald/Kearney team.

  • Natasha

    The tax-cheat thing is a disease that afflicts the narcissistic pols of Republican, Democrat and TeaBagger-John Birch Society weirdos.

    The Republican list of tax deadbeats is broad and includes State Auditor Yost, House Member Brenner, Delaware County Clerk of Courts Antonoplos, Delaware City Council losing candidate Owens. Now we have Kearney.

    But don’t worry; the GOP under the leadership of its criminally convicted and major tax deadbeat Borges is giving a pass to Kearney. Read it in the Dispatch:

    WTF? Relax! It’s simple political calculus, from the Ohio GOP – you dems back off of criticizing the Republican financially lame and tax deadbeat a-holes in public office and we Republicans won’t Eff-around criticizing dem tax deadbeats candidates.

    Say hello to the new rules for bipartisanship, all of course really eff the public that does pay these deadbeat a-wipes in public offices when we do pay our taxes.

    Ain’t it nice to see these deadbeats play nice in the shithole of Ohio politics?

  • Natasha

    voted for him

  • jr6020

    So will I but why give the REPS ammunition by selecting a tarnished LG candidate??? Am I the only one here to say this was a bad political decision? And that’s exactly what it is…tell me I’m wrong and why…

  • Eric Germann

    You forgot Chairman Borges of the Ohio Republican Party on that list

  • Gene

    If you wanted to tell the House and Senate members in Washington how to do their job, John Kasich , why didn’t you stay there?
    Your not a Republican. Your a traitorious conservative intent on taking over our Government .
    You conservatives have gotten the Republicans and and the party to believe you have the same values they have-you conservatives do not.
    Your all nothing but Fascists.
    All of your like- minded friends are at Fox broadcasting owned by the American, U.S.A. hating Rupert Murdock.
    Go back and knell at Murdocks’ feet like you do at Shawn Hannity’s and he might give you a job if you lose your second bid for Ohio Governor.

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