From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One Ohio Republican is celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address by trying to re-fight the civil war.

President Lincoln described the Civil War as a test of the United States could “long endure.”

Representative John Becker has introduced a resolution which contains some notably un-Lincolnesque concepts.

Becker’s resolution asserts that “the federal government has an ever-growing propensity to violate state sovereignty.” There’s more: “The violation of state sovereignty has been a trend since the early nineteenth century and has accelerated exponentially in recent decades . . .”


The Constitution is very clear about this. Federal […]

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Ohio’s State Senate plans to start moving a bill (SB 58) by State Senator Bill Seitz this week that would severely weaken the renewable energy standards that Ohio passed in 2008.   We posted about about the bill back in June.  Since then, nearly every paper in the state, as well as Ohio’s largest corporations, has come out against the changes Seitz in proposing.

As the The Cleveland Plain Dealer pointed out back in October, the current standards passed nearly-unanimously in 2008, with both Bill Seitz and House Speaker Bill Batchelder voting for the bill.   The PD […]

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Doug Livingston’s excellent series in the Beacon Journal documenting the rightward ooze of the State Board of Education should be a primer on the private agendas  of those overseeing public education in Ohio today.   Much of it has occurred during Gov. Kasich’s reign, who hastened the Tea Party/evangelical  take-over of what should be a  non-political non-sectarian approach to preparing students  for whatever greets them when they leave the classroom.

Nothing better illustrates the board’s political  fault lines than its chairman, Debra Terhar, an avowed Tea Party member appointed by Kasich to the current 17 member panel. Her arrival from […]

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The United Steelworkers released a new video this morning of Mike Cooper, a volunteer firefighter and a recently laid off employee at Ormet.

Mike was starting his 20th year with Ormet when the Ohio-based aluminum smelting company shut down its Ohio factory last month.    The closure came after John Kasich’s Public Utilities Commission announced it would not provide the company a break on electricity rates.

Mike, like hundreds of other Ormet employees, is now without a paycheck and without health insurance.   In the video, Mike does not mince words:  “I got an idea for you Governor,” he tells John Kaisch.  “Put […]

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Your SB5 Stories: Working Families

On November 19, 2013 By

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to share their stories about the fight of Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2.   Some of the stories we received were about families coming closer together.  We thought we’d share a few.

Courtney Johnson shared this story about canvasing with her son…

I was driving in my car listening to the Ed Schultz show on the radio. The host was discussing the attack on collective bargaining in Wisconsin, and then he mentioned that this bill in Ohio, this Senate Bill 5, was even worse for unions than the bill introduced […]

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