From the daily archives: Monday, November 11, 2013

As one of the grouchier members of the overpopulated Blogger Corps, I do find a bit of useless humor in the national media’s rush to add one more Scrabble letter to the 2016 presidential roster.  Russell Baker, the New York Times former columnist, and a keen one at that, described such folly as the “great mentioning game”, which seasonably dealt with the eternal question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

The roster of the mentionables was nearly filled out when Ted Cruz stormed the field with the fury of Morgan’s raiders,  stomping over the whimpering bodies […]

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Back in March of 2011, when Ohio was in the midst of the Senate Bill 5 fight, Republicans in the General Assembly passed a law that didn’t garner much attention save for a moronic statement by Governor Kasich at the bill’s signing.

The change in Ohio Revised Code 3319.22(1) now requires the Ohio Department of Education to grant a 4-year Resident Educator License (new teacher license) to Teach for America, Inc. participants. These individuals clearly do not meet the qualifications that are spelled out in Ohio Administrative Code for teacher preparation programs in the State of […]

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Ohio’s Tea Party activists focused on school board races around the state in last week’s election, and they lost big in most cases. Springboro, Olentangy and Westerville all saw their Tea Party candidates go down in flames.

West Clermont Local School District wasn’t so lucky.

In West Clermont, Tea Party member Jim Lewis received the most votes, followed closely by Steve Waldman and Mark Merchant.  Lewis, Waldman and Merchant ran together on a Tea Party-inspired platform that vows to protect overtaxed citizens from mooching, overpaid teachers.

According to his candidate questionnaire on, Lewis admits to being an “active Tea Party […]

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As reports roll in that Rick Perry is planning another  campaign for president, his closest associates say he is much better prepared to answer questions than he was the last time.   It was then before a national TV audience that the Texas Republican governor couldn’t remember the third governmental agency that he had said he would oppose.    Friends say he has been working with Sarah Palin to help him scribble cheat notes on the palms of his  hands as she was caught doing. We should welcome another diverting campaign by Perry, and encourage him to “Run, Nick,  Run!”  

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