From the daily archives: Monday, November 18, 2013

A few weeks ago we asked our readers to share their stories about the fight of Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2.   We received dozens of wonderful stories and images from which we chose 4 at random to recieve a copy of Professor John McNay’s book on the SB5 fight.

You can read those stories here.

This week we will be sharing some more, like this great story by Robert Heltzel about Kasich’s visit to Youngstown and a showdown between protesters and supporters of the Governor’s plan to destroy collective bargaining rights in Ohio…


The cold day bit […]

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Media coverage of Obamacare makes me think of the old song It’s in his Kiss:

If you wanna know (shoop shoop) If he’s a concern troll It comes down to this (The Medicaid website)  

For all the complaints about the federal exchange, it’s is infinitely better than Ohio’s Medicaid enrollment website, which still doesn’t work at all for applicants who are eligible for expanded Medicaid coverage in Ohio. If Republicans are to be believed, the glitches at, which prevent people from enrolling in health plans that are worse than Hitler, are worse than Hitler. Or something.


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