At a recent press conference attended by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and a majority of their 19 children, Christina Hagan gave a speech to introduce her version of the Heartbeat bill – which would effectively ban all abortions in Ohio.    In the speech, Hagan makes the case that if all women were just forced to follow through with their unwanted pregnancies, we could quickly fill the positions in Ohio that are currently unfilled because they require highly-specialized and experienced employees.

“There’s a lot of folks who say you shouldn’t work on social issues but in fact economic issues and social issues go hand in hand,” said Hagan. “When we have 20,000 of children that are aborted in an annual basis in the state of Ohio and we have 70,000 unfilled jobs, there might be a correlation.”

(As always, Marc Kovac has the video – embedded at the end)

There may well be a correlation, but it’s not the one Hagan claims.

Forcing women to have babies,  women who know they aren’t capable of caring for a child right now for  financial, family, medical or other reasons, is likely to have the exact opposite effect.   As women are forced to leave the workforce or leave school in order to stay at home to care for thousands of new babies each year, the cost of social services will go up, unemployment will go up and the number of unfilled skilled-labor positions will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, State Rep John Becker has introduced a bill that would kick pregnant women and low-income parents off of Medicaid in Ohio.  Because, you know, Republicans love babies.

In other crazy unfilled-job news: Ohio Representative Dave Joyce has a different theory about why we have so many open positions available: everyone is a lazy drug addict.

According to Joyce, businesses have open positions “because they either can’t find people to come to work sober, daily, drug-free and want to learn the necessary skills going forward to be able to do those jobs.”

Of course!  That makes MUCH more sense.

Here’s the Hagan video:


  • stryx

    So we outlaw abortion now and in just 20 years we’ll be able to fill today’s jobs problem.

    Birth control isn’t the only thing these folks have trouble understanding.

  • artemis

    Why do they all seem to think that women have a fixed number of pregnancies in their lifetimes? They don’t understand that many women who have an abortion have other, planned pregnancies later on? Or that they might not have those planned pregnancies if they hadn’t had the abortion earlier?

  • Luke Brockmeier

    Might as well face it: you’re addicted to RU-486.


    So, banning abortions is now an economical imperative.

    The stupid…it hurts.

  • dmoore2222

    It’s just hard to believe that these people are that stupid. Am I dreaming this?

  • Ash

    This is just jaw-droppingly, horrendously stupid. Whatever drug has been put in the well at the Duggar house needs to be sampled and studied because it’s a lot stronger than Kool Aid.

  • motherunit

    I have always defended Michelle Duggar and other really, really fertile people. I feel that it’s the other side of the reproductive choice coin. However, they need to respect the choices of women who want to limit their family size.

  • Gene

    You slimy Ohio Republican legislatures who pretend you are so moral are nothing more than the whores of the Fox Broadcasting , draft-dodging, multi-millionaire college drop-outs named Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the pretentious pretending Christian Rush Limbaugh, who has so much talent bestowed upon, him by some worldly, money god that he claims he must tie one hand behind his back so that he doesn’t unleash all the talent and knowledge upon the world and destroy it. But most of all, because we are in capable of understanding it from this draft-dodging multi-millionaire college drop-out.
    And you Republicans are also the whores of that slimy anti-government American hating foreign owner Rupert Murdock who pays these draft-dodging, college drop-outs ten of millions of dollars to subvert our American political system with their anti-government propaganda and hate to influence our political system and if they are called on it, hand out the line that it is entertainment. Rush Limbaugh has earned, probably tens of thousands of millions of dollars over the last 25 years to push this Fascist agenda propaganda and has gotten away with it.
    And that doesn’t include all the other hosts like Bill O Reilly and others. They know what their doing. And now that you Republican whores have lost the last two Presidential elections and did not get control of the House , these conservatives and Tea Party whom you Republicans have crawled after on your slimy festering knees for years for their attention and publicity while they claimed they never get any publicity , now threaten to throw all of you Republicans out of office who do not and have not followed their conservative agenda and put the blame on you, not them.
    BECAUSE, in the end, they do not want you traitorious Republicans who have catered to them for their attention and apparent support: THEY WANT a CONSERVATIVE to run on a CONSERVATIVE ticket and have said so.
    So all along you Republicans have been the dupes, whores, slaves to the Conservatives. Shawn Hannity has said: “We are waiting for a Conservative to come along and run on a Conservative ticket.”

  • Gene

    It is so laughable that the heart beat bill is so important to these people and their concern for life when humans are the cannibals and destroyers and abusers of life of EVERY form upon this world supposedly created by their God.

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