From the daily archives: Saturday, August 24, 2013

Charter schools have been touted as the key method by which Ohio was going to improve public schooling in Ohio for over a decade.  Charters have long been given flexibility by the state to try innovative programs and have been frequently exempted from many of the same regulations that constrain traditional public schools.  Charter schools have also been promoted as providing competition to “failing” urban schools under the premise that the competition would cause both the charters and the districts to make dramatic improvements.

According to StateImpact Ohio, “Charter schools were supposed to offer students who weren’t succeeding in […]

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The new A-to-F report cards for Ohio’s schools and school districts were released this week and, as we sat stunned by the craziness of it all, we received a copy of this letter by Dr. George Wood that sums up the situation from the perspective of a seasoned educator. Dr. Wood is the Superintendent of Federal Hocking School District and Executive Director of The Forum for Education and Democracy. We thank William Phillis from Ohio E & A for letting us reprint it here.


Response to New State Report Card
George Wood, Superintendent, Federal Hocking Local Schools

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