From the daily archives: Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Kasich administration doesn’t want you to know what plans will be available on Ohio’s exchange in 2 months.

The deadline for the state to approve the plans was yesterday. The 200+ insurance plans that the state approved were forwarded on to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, who is actually running the exchange.

I’ve been anticipating the press release from Mary Taylor with the approved plans because I have a handy chart all ready for readers, and I just need the premiums.

Small problem: she doesn’t include any information in the release. Just that “average premiums” […]

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If there are two things the media and punditry can lazily report and overanalyze its polls and campaign finance reports.  Since we are lazy pundits, allow us to weigh in on yesterday’s campaign finance reports.

In this off-year, the statewide campaigns are required to report semi-annually how much they have raised and spent since year-end reports were filed for 2012.   Yesterday’s reports cover campaign finance activity for the first half of 2013 for each statewide candidate who has created a campaign finance committee so far.

Before we look at the data, we need to keep in mind that the […]

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