From the daily archives: Friday, August 23, 2013

One of the benefits of laboring as a  political writer for many  decades is that you learn a lot of  new words, courtesy of the genius class. It’s a perfect fit for a logophile, which I believe is a lover of words.  I have happily acquired a working knowledge of such verbiage as gravitas (no, not a shortstop on  the Los Angeles Angels!),  death panel, freedom fries and grizzly mom.

Just got a new one, a common everyday word that I have long assigned to another meaning:  grassroots.  It’s posted on the latest Ohio Republican Party release below the […]

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A complaint has been filed with the Delaware County Board of Elections claiming Teri Owens, candidate for Delaware City Council, fraudulently “used her husband’s business address as her residence of record for voting purposes.”  The actual home address and business address are in different wards.  Owen’s husband Robert  serves on the Executive Committee of the Delaware County Republican Party as well as the national council of the radical right-wing John Birch Society.  Robert Owens recently ran for Ohio Attorney General with support from the Constitution Party.

In more Delaware County news, State Rep. Andrew Brenner and his wife, right-wing blogger and […]

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As we’ve documented many times before, law enforcement agencies around the state have been forced to make drastic cuts in order to keep up with the over $1 Billion Kasich’s budgets have stolen from the local government fund.    Last week Mike DeWine publicly recognized this fact in front of a room full of cops.

Speaking at the national FOP conference in Cincinnati, DeWine told attendees:  “I think if you talk about the state of law enforcement, it is strained in this state.   There are probably fewer people in most departments than were there 5 years ago.”

According […]

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