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Rob Nichols thinks he’s clever.

After today’s devastating investigative report on JobsOhio, Kasich Spokesman Nichols tried to use out-of-context job numbers to deflect from the revelation that two thirds of JobsOhio’s board members have direct financial ties to companies receiving grants and tax incentives from JobsOhio and the Kasich administration.

“It is working.  JobsOhio, in part, is responsible for 162,000 private sector jobs” claims Nichols, right on message.

But like most of Kasich’s messaging, you have to dig a little deeper to find the truth.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, since January 2011, Ohio’s employment is up 139,600 […]

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Tom Charles, Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS), will be quitting today.

We contacted DPS for more information but they have yet to return our call or put out an official statement on the matter.  It appears we weren’t the only ones taken by surprise.

Sources familiar with DPS claim Charles has been asked to leave by Governor Kasich after some recent disagreements.   John Born, currently the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol, may be a likely replacement.

Prior to serving as DPS Director, Charles served as Ohio Inspector General and earlier worked for the Ohio Highway Patrol, a […]

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The Dispatch is reporting that the Kasich Administration and JobsOhio are again providing financial incentives to companies that are doing nothing more than moving from one Ohio city to another.

This time it’s TimberTech, a PA-based company who is shutting down their Columbus plant and laying off 58 workers.  At the same time, they are recieving  a financial grant and a 50 percent tax cut over eight years in order to open a new plant in Wilmington Ohio as long as they promise to hire 85 new employees.

In 2011 Diebold and American Greeting both got huge financial […]

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Warren County’s transit system is losing its federal funding because its population makes it no longer a “rural county”. The Enquirer reports that county administrators plan to make the system less responsive, rather than close the 60% funding gap.

They are also lobbying SORTA (Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority) to fund Warren County’s van system. This is… special… because Warren County’s median income is much higher than the other counties in Cincy metro, largely because their transportation and land-use policies make it impossible to live there without a car.

The issue is that Warren County doesn’t have a fixed-route […]

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In 2011 Michael Cope was hired by Jerry Wray, Kasich’s Director at Ohio Department of Transportation.  Cope resigned last week after a run-in with the police at a movie theater in Columbus.

News reports indicate Cope was a 10 year employee of ODOT, but records obtained by Plunderbund show that Cope’s earlier experience was in the 90’s also serving under Wray, who was then ODOT Director for Republican Governor Voinovich.

According to 10TV, Cope was arrested at the bar of the Movie Tavern in Columbus after refusing to leave during a fire alarm.

“Cope was ordered by a Columbus […]

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If you’re going to write a “fact check” article in which you’re going to accuse someone of lying, it would help to, you know, actually have  actual facts in your piece.  Oh, and it’s probably not a good idea for the credibility of your blog to have your fact checker be the guy who was the poll unskewer who made his reputation on the blog laughably claiming that the polls showing Issue 2 and Romney losing in Ohio were part of some liberul conspiracy.

Apparently, the only John Kasich fanboy site in Ohio (which was actually founded by […]

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Fresh off passing a budget that will increase Ohio’s infant mortality rate, Sen. Shannon Jones is touring the state with the Senate Medicaid, Health & Human Services Committee.

In 2009, the Ohio Department of Health formed the Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force (OIMTF) to address our infant mortality rate, which is currently 3rd-highest in the nation; our infant mortality rate among African-Americans is the highest in the nation. (In 2009, we were the 12th-highest. Go Team Kasich!)

The OIMTF made a 10-point recommendation to address the problem, but the Ohio budget systematically undermines each of the 10 recommendations. […]

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In 2009 Kevin Coughlin had ambitions of running for Governor against Ted Strickland. Some blame Coughlin’s quick departure from the race on an article that revealed details about his supposed infidelity. Cleveland’s Scene magazine refused to print the piece after Coughlin threatened to sue the paper. And the author, James Renner, was fired from the paper in a dispute over the piece.

The article eventually appeared online in multiple locations, including the Cleveland Independent, BloggerInterrupted, BlackHeartCleveland and, in part, on our own blog, along with this photo of Coughlin surrounded by scantily clad […]

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After Rob Portman’s recent “change of heart” about marriage equality, the Dispatch asked Ohio’s Republican statewide office holders if they agreed with the Senator’s position.

Kasich, Mandel and Mary Taylor all said “nope”. While Mike DeWine “declined to respond”.

So should we take DeWine’s lack of a response to mean he’s still on the fence?


DeWine has never been shy about using his office to push his socially conservative agenda.

Since taking office as AG he’s joined multiple lawsuits aimed at making contraception more difficult for Ohio’s women to obtain.  And a full 25% of his official […]

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At Plunderbund we’re big fans of the ACLU of Ohio and the work they do, especially in the area of LGBT rights.   So, in response to some recent criticism on PB, we thought we’d let them set the record straight on their LGBT equality strategy…


Recently, some have been critical of the way in which the ACLU of Ohio has chosen to pursue LGBT equality. Some have even questioned our courage.

First of all, any fight to advance the cause of LGBT equality is a noble one and we are very happy for James Obergefell and John Arthur, who  Full Story...

Cincinnati Pensions Under Attack
by Bentley Davis

There is a corporate backed attack being lodged against workers and retirement security in Cincinnati.  I urge all readers who are in Cincinnati to decline to sign and fight this proposal.  For those readers outside of Cincinnati, please share this with those who live or work in the area.

This group is circulating petitions to change the Cincinnati charter in such a way as to destroy the city’s pensions and the retirement security of the workers who make Cincinnati a great place to live and work.  As a Cincinnatian who spends her […]

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