From the daily archives: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fresh off passing a budget that will increase Ohio’s infant mortality rate, Sen. Shannon Jones is touring the state with the Senate Medicaid, Health & Human Services Committee.

In 2009, the Ohio Department of Health formed the Ohio Infant Mortality Task Force (OIMTF) to address our infant mortality rate, which is currently 3rd-highest in the nation; our infant mortality rate among African-Americans is the highest in the nation. (In 2009, we were the 12th-highest. Go Team Kasich!)

The OIMTF made a 10-point recommendation to address the problem, but the Ohio budget systematically undermines each of the 10 recommendations. […]

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In 2009 Kevin Coughlin had ambitions of running for Governor against Ted Strickland. Some blame Coughlin’s quick departure from the race on an article that revealed details about his supposed infidelity. Cleveland’s Scene magazine refused to print the piece after Coughlin threatened to sue the paper. And the author, James Renner, was fired from the paper in a dispute over the piece.

The article eventually appeared online in multiple locations, including the Cleveland Independent, BloggerInterrupted, BlackHeartCleveland and, in part, on our own blog, along with this photo of Coughlin surrounded by scantily clad […]

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After Rob Portman’s recent “change of heart” about marriage equality, the Dispatch asked Ohio’s Republican statewide office holders if they agreed with the Senator’s position.

Kasich, Mandel and Mary Taylor all said “nope”. While Mike DeWine “declined to respond”.

So should we take DeWine’s lack of a response to mean he’s still on the fence?


DeWine has never been shy about using his office to push his socially conservative agenda.

Since taking office as AG he’s joined multiple lawsuits aimed at making contraception more difficult for Ohio’s women to obtain.  And a full 25% of his official […]

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