I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use this picture…


And Tim just gave me one:

Sources say that during the summer of 2004, perhaps longer, he carried on a relationship with a younger woman. At the time she was a 24-year-old employee of the University of Akron, an attractive brunette who had worked on Coughlin?s campaign for State Senate. He was the 34-year-old, married, handsome rising star of the Summit County GOP ? smart and ambitious, but also prone to blowing off campaign appointments to spend time with his girlfriend.

Stay classy, Kevin.

  • Mindy Blunkin

    James Renner is well known around Cleveland Scene as a liar.

    The question is whether the “story” Renner posted on the internet is even the story he presented to Scene editors. Or has he embellished it to make it look more thorough and authoritative?

    What we do know is the Scene editors rejected the story because it was all hearsay and had no confirmation of an affair. That does not sound like the stuff Renner put on the web.

    We also know that at least two of Renner’s “sources” have come forward to say that they did not say what he has written.

    So it looks like he’s put out the story he had hoped to write, rather than the story he actually had.

    If that’s the case, James Renner is a tool.

  • Show me one person from Scene who thinks I’m a liar. My articles are solid. The Coughlin piece is well sourced. And the sources would testify to that effect in court–which is why I’m not being sued. And why Scene wouldn’t have been sued had they printed it. Unfortunately, Haggerty’s a coward and not a newspaperman.

    Why don’t you name these two so-called “sources”?
    -James Renner

  • One more thing; every conversation I had with the roommate was recorded. She knows that.

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