From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When Gov. Kasich sat down to sign the new budget Sunday night, the document’s thousands of pages near him towered much  higher than the several volumes of our family library’s copy of War and Peace.  Rising still higher behind him,  however, was  a phalanx of dark-suited enablers on the Kasich Team who always make themselves available on festive occasions. Pure performance art, folks.

It was the governor’s carpe diem moment  as, with his workaday, jutting lower lip visage, he made the Great Budget of 2013 official.  He then  abruptly arose from  his noble mission and retired though the beaming phalanx without answering any of the […]

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We’ve barely scratched the surface of Gov. Kasich’s 6000-page hate letter to women. The new budget will make it much more difficult for pregnant women to enroll in Medicaid and access timely prenatal care. This will result in the actual death of actual babies.

The budget actually undermines all seven parts of the Ohio Department of Health plan to address infant mortality. I want to focus on the process of enrolling in Medicaid.

In Ohio, 40% of deliveries are covered by Medicaid. This ODH report from 20091 gives a lot of insight into the effects of Medicaid coverage, […]

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