If you’re going to write a “fact check” article in which you’re going to accuse someone of lying, it would help to, you know, actually have  actual facts in your piece.  Oh, and it’s probably not a good idea for the credibility of your blog to have your fact checker be the guy who was the poll unskewer who made his reputation on the blog laughably claiming that the polls showing Issue 2 and Romney losing in Ohio were part of some liberul conspiracy.

Apparently, the only John Kasich fanboy site in Ohio (which was actually founded by an out-of-state former Kasich campaign staffer in Virginia) took exception with Joseph’s post about Kasich’s offensive comments claiming a causative link between poverty and mass murders in Cleveland.

Let me try to explain this to ThirdBasePolitics as slowly as I can.  The fact that the Mayor and City Council of East Cleveland are too busy pointing fingers at each other over that city’s deficit instead of at Kasich does NOT “prove” that we lied in claiming that the State’s funding cuts was a cause to the deficit.  That’s just moronic.  If you could establish that the city did not, in fact, receive any cuts, then we can talk.

Second, we apparently have to have a dialogue about what constitutes an incumbent record.  But in an attempt to blast Ted Strickland for cutting the Department of Mental Health during the recession, I couldn’t help but notice you left out a key portion of the article about Kasich before the part you quoted.   It said of Kasich’s first budget:

Budget proposals submitted to Gov. John Kasich by state departments would subject the public mental health system to further cuts of about $3.3 million in fiscal 2012-2013, according to proposals obtained by the Dayton Daily News.

When the first Kasich budget was finally passed, the State’s funding of the Department of Mental Health (general revenue funding) was actually cut $3.8 million in fiscal year 2012-2013, not the $3.3 million.  (See page 53.)  Overall funding for the Ohio Department of Mental Health (State funding combined with federal funding the State obtained by grants and federal programs, etc.) was cut in the first budget by over 50% from the levels Ted Strickland did in his final budget. (See next page.)

Ted Strickland cut funding for mental health services due to a the Great Recession.  Governor Kasich cut funding when Ohio was supposedly experiencing his great “economic miracle” of a recovery.

Kasich’s latest budget actually merged the Department of Mental Health with the Department of Addiction Services.  There’s a one-time increase in the first fiscal year that can entirely attributed solely to a one-time increase in State funding for the Residential State Supplement funding.  But that modest increase in overall funding is more than halved in planned cuts in the second fiscal year of the budget.  In fact, when Kasich completes his first (and, hopefully, final term) funding for his combined Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services will be a little over 62% of Governor Strickland’s funding just for the Department of Mental Health alone.

ThirdBasePolitics blasted former Governor Strickland for a one-time cut of 30% that had to be made to balance the budget in the middle of the Great Recession claiming that “that’s something Kasich refused to do in his first budget.”   In fact, Governor Kasich has cut funding for the Ohio Department of Mental Health, merging it with another agency, and then funding that  agency with a 37% cut from the funding Governor Strickland was funding it in the midst of the recession.  In other words, ThirdBasePolitics:

Kasich Lied

And, of course, there’s the fact that Governor Kasich chose his first State of the State address to publicly announce, with no public notice, that he was scrapping the State’s plan to build a mental health hospital… in Cleveland, the same place he just made his remarks about the need for more mental health services for impoverished people in, again, Cleveland.  So were Kasich’s remarks another hamhanded attempt by him to say “My bad”?  Regardless, it’s amazing for Kasich to ignore local leaders who warned him that Cleveland had a strong need for a local psychiatric hospital only then to see multiple mass murders in the area and decry the lack of mental health services in the region.

But THAT exactly is Gov. Kasich’s record on mental health issues.

Now, ThirdBasePolitics does point out two articles about great things Governor Kasich wants to do in regards to mental health issues in Ohio.  However, that is not (yet, at least) Gov. Kasich’s record as both articles cover what Governor Kasich says his Administration would be able to do if Ohio expands Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. the “ObamaCare” Kasich ran in 2010 on a platform of stopping to Tea Party audiences across the State.)

But Kasich, so far, has been unable to get his own party to support this component of ObamaCare because fellow Republicans, like say Kasich, spent the entire lead up to the 2010 campaign vilifying the law.  So until Governor Kasich gets the required expansion of Medicaid approved under ObamaCare and he does what he claims he’ll do with that additional federal funding, then it’ll be part of his record.

So, to the extent that Joseph’s piece failed to note the great things ObamaCare will allow Governor Kasich to do for mental health issues once the conservative Republican General Assembly passes legislation to expand this entitlement program, we apologize.  That may not be the correction ThirdBasePolitics had in mind, but it’s the only correction they deserve.

So our bad.  Glad to see the left and right blogsphere in Ohio united in singing the praises of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. 

Congratulations, you guys, you sure did get one on us this time!