After Rob Portman’s recent “change of heart” about marriage equality, the Dispatch asked Ohio’s Republican statewide office holders if they agreed with the Senator’s position.

Kasich, Mandel and Mary Taylor all said “nope”. While Mike DeWine “declined to respond”.

So should we take DeWine’s lack of a response to mean he’s still on the fence?


DeWine has never been shy about using his office to push his socially conservative agenda.

Since taking office as AG he’s joined multiple lawsuits aimed at making contraception more difficult for Ohio’s women to obtain.  And a full 25% of his official Attorney General biography is spent discussing, with pride, the many years he spent fighting against women’s reproductive rights while in the Senate.

It appears DeWine is prepared to take on LGBT rights with the same vigor.

A Federal Judge recently ruled that Ohio could not discriminate against a same sex couple who had been married in Maryland.  John Arthur, who is dying of ALS, simply wanted the name of his partner of 20 years to be included on his death certificate.

Mike DeWine vowed to “lead the fight” against the decision.

As AG candidate David Pepper pointed out in a recent email, the “Attorney General need not support and defend laws that are unconstitutional.  Indeed, DeWine has previously said that in such cases, it is ‘his solemn duty…to speak out.'”

“I respectfully call upon Attorney General DeWine to recognize the clear Constitutional wrongs taking place here,” said Pepper.   “Allow this couple to spend their final weeks together in dignity.”