From the daily archives: Monday, July 1, 2013

Women who miscarry in Ohio will now be given propaganda intended to coerce women into giving birth, and face a 24-hour waiting period to think it over.

This is part of the same amendment that will require an ultrasound before birth control. In addition to redefining “pregnancy”, it also redefines “medical emergency”.

What to expect when you have pregnancy complications

Except in very narrow circumstances (see below), your OB-GYN will face criminal penalties if you aren’t subjected to the ICMS (Informed-Consent Mansplaining and Shaming) before he treats your miscarriage. The ICMS is generally bad enough; when you […]

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Since the beginning of his term as Governor, Kasich has shown a complete lack of respect for women:

Kasich pays his male staffers 56% more than his female staffers. Kasich defended his very low number of female cabinet appointments by saying his “wife makes all the minor decisions”. The few women Kasich did appoint to Cabinet positions ended up at agencies with much smaller budgets and smaller staff sizes. Kasich appointed attorney Mike Gonidakis, the unqualified president of Ohio Right to Life, to the Ohio Medical Board And let’s not forget that […]

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Back in March we posted a story about Kelly Kohls, head of the Warren County Tea Party and President of the Springboro School Board, who was bringing her own brand of Tea Party crazy to the small town of Springboro, Ohio.   You’ll be sad to hear that things have gotten much, much worse since we last checked in.

Quick recap:  Kohls is the one who helped initiate the politically motivated investigation of a school superintendent in a neighboring district.  She preaches fiscal responsibility, rails against school levies and overpaid teachers, all while personally declaring bankruptcy with debts nearing […]

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