From the daily archives: Friday, July 26, 2013

In 2011 Michael Cope was hired by Jerry Wray, Kasich’s Director at Ohio Department of Transportation.  Cope resigned last week after a run-in with the police at a movie theater in Columbus.

News reports indicate Cope was a 10 year employee of ODOT, but records obtained by Plunderbund show that Cope’s earlier experience was in the 90’s also serving under Wray, who was then ODOT Director for Republican Governor Voinovich.

According to 10TV, Cope was arrested at the bar of the Movie Tavern in Columbus after refusing to leave during a fire alarm.

“Cope was ordered by a Columbus […]

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If you’re going to write a “fact check” article in which you’re going to accuse someone of lying, it would help to, you know, actually have  actual facts in your piece.  Oh, and it’s probably not a good idea for the credibility of your blog to have your fact checker be the guy who was the poll unskewer who made his reputation on the blog laughably claiming that the polls showing Issue 2 and Romney losing in Ohio were part of some liberul conspiracy.

Apparently, the only John Kasich fanboy site in Ohio (which was actually founded by […]

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