From the daily archives: Monday, July 22, 2013

It would have been so refreshing if Liz Cheney had declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate as an initiative that she chose on her very own against all odds. Instead, the daughter of Dick C., the pulse-less guy  who… – No!  don’t get me  started!  –   said she was responding to all of the many  people who have been urging her to save the country from the beastly socialists who operate these days under the guise of  garden  variety Democrats!

Who, after all, could turn down Rush Limbaugh, who promptly described her as a “Republican royal” and one of Dick Cheney’s […]

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Just as we predicted a few weeks ago, same sex marriage has come to Ohio.  A Federal Judge in Cincinnati has ruled that the Constitution prohibits Ohio from not recognizing a same sex marriage from Maryland.

After the Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor (the case that struck down the federal defense of Marriage Act), we said “we expect same sex couple who were married in other states to seek Ohio to recognize their marriage.”

The two men had filed the lawsuit alleging that Ohio could not refuse to list the surviving spouse on a death certificate and that Ohio […]

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At an event in Cleveland today, Governor Kasich was asked about the arrest of a suspect in the killing of three women whose bodies were found wrapped in tarps over the weekend.

“This is what happens when you have poverty,” replied Kasich.

“And that’s why I feel so strongly that no neighborhood can be left behind,” continued the governor.  “[And] no one in Ohio shouldn’t be in a position of being lifted at times when they’re not hitting on all cylinders to a point to where they can have a secure job and a great family and a great neighborhood.”

So […]

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