In 2011 Michael Cope was hired by Jerry Wray, Kasich’s Director at Ohio Department of Transportation.  Cope resigned last week after a run-in with the police at a movie theater in Columbus.

News reports indicate Cope was a 10 year employee of ODOT, but records obtained by Plunderbund show that Cope’s earlier experience was in the 90’s also serving under Wray, who was then ODOT Director for Republican Governor Voinovich.

According to 10TV, Cope was arrested at the bar of the Movie Tavern in Columbus after refusing to leave during a fire alarm.

“Cope was ordered by a Columbus police officer to leave the building three times, and he refused. He then poked the officer in the chest,” reports 10TV. “When the officer told him he would be charged with misconduct at an emergency scene, the officer said Cope pulled his arms away from the arresting officer and refused to comply with commands.”

Cope has a BA in Business Administrations and a Masters in Political Science from Ohio University and he previously served as an At-Large Trustee in Norwich Township, OH.

According to Cope’s resignation letter, his employment with the state will end on August 23rd, 2013.


    It seems his arrogance got the better of him. Good riddance.

  • fedup1

    He was one of Kasich’s Hatchet men. He was part of a committee that decided which jobs at ODOT was to be privatised.

  • missskeptic

    Do you know who I am?! I can just hear it now.

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