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WSJ prompts a gold rush for Kasich

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 It doesn’t take much these days to ignite soaring media interest in a speculative  presidential campaign by Gov. Kasich.  In a matter of 24 hours, at least two of the remaining Ohio metropolitan newspapers dashed into print long stories spinning off a Wall Street Journal article that claimed the guv would “rebrand the Republican Party”. Oh?

The relay of exciting  Kasich prospects came in the Columbus Dispatch and Plain Dealer.  Nothing surprising there. Both  had endorsed him in his first gubernatorial campaign and quite likely are headed in the same repetitive motion directlon when he’s  back on the ballot in 2014. […]

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Today, State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township) introduced HB 244 to expand Ohio’s death penalty to be applied to certain sex crimes.  In a press release from his office, Becker cited the Ariel Castro case in Cleveland as a reason for the need of this legislation:


“In light of the Ariel Castro kidnapping case of three young women in Cleveland, I wanted to give prosecutors the option to pursue the death penalty for repeat sexual offenders,” Rep. Becker said. “For various reasons, I anticipate that the death penalty would be pursued in only the most heinous crimes.”


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Last month Ohio’s Board of Regents ruled that Ohio’s public universities must offer in-state tuition rates to students participating in President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows undocumented individuals who arrived in the US before they were 16 to live and work here for two years.

In response, State Rep Matt Lynch plans to introduce a bill that would force schools to charge these students international student rates, which can be double the in-state rates.

A co-sponsor request letter sent by Lynch on August 15th claims Lynch will be introducing a bill to “reverse the […]

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The economic recovery in Ohio is officially over.

Despite inheriting a State that was both hardest hit and fastest to recover from the Great Recession before he took office, Gov. John Kasich has fumbled the recovery.  As we noted, most the jobs gained since Kasich took office occurred in 2011 and early 2012 before most of his policies took effect.  Naturally, this has lead to the Ohio and national press corps to start speculating on Governor Kasich running for President.

This morning, the July jobs report came out.  The good news? Ohio gained 5,300 […]

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