From the daily archives: Thursday, August 8, 2013

In 2010, John Kasich ran for Governor on essentially nothing more than Tea Party anger over “ObamaCare” and the roughly 400,000 jobs that were lost in Ohio during the Great Recession.  Four years later, John Kasich apparently plans on running for re-election on expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare and taking credit for the jobs largely created under Gov. Strickland’s policies.  It’s almost ironic. 

Here’s a fascinating quote from Kasich Administration Rob Nichols over the weekend in the Cincinnati Enquirer’s must-read story about the current intersection of the economy and politics in Ohio in the governor’s race:

“It’s what […]

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Earlier this year Springboro Ohio School Board members Jim Rigano and Kelly Kohls proposed controversial school policy changes that would intentionally introduce religion into the city’s classrooms.   Despite heavy push-back from the community and educators, as well as external groups like the ACLU, School Board members are planning to push forward with their agenda with the legal assistance of a far-right Christian group out of Texas.

In early April, Rigano distributed proposed changes to Springboro School Board Policy 8800 (Patriotic Observances)  and Policy 2240 (Controversial Issues).    The full text of the changes can be seen here: 88002240.

Rigano’s changes […]

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