From the daily archives: Friday, August 30, 2013

PPP released a couple of in-depth polls last week, with quite the topline: FitzGerald is leading 38-35 among registered voters.

As always, the internals are where the action is. This is a very bad poll for John Kasich. I’ll cut to the chase: his support has cratered among women and independents. I wonder why?

Obviously this is only one poll, and PPP is a progressive group. But bear in mind that their final Ohio poll in 2010 was off by 1, and their final poll in 2012 was off by 2. Both […]

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Ohio Republicans and Conservatives seem to be constantly emphasizing their love of the Constitution.  Take, for example, Republican Ohio Senator Tim Shaffer.  He seems like a nice enough guy with a respectfully boring twitter feed

Shaffer loves the Constitution and says that he is committed to protecting individual rights.  Or at least the part of the Constitution that deals with guns.  Schaffer told the Buckeyes Firearms Association that he is committed to defending the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms:  “pro-gun voters mean the world to me, they are […]

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