From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Medicaid expansion has passed Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature, expanding insurance coverage to 400,000 low-wage earners in Michigan. It required some cajoling and arm-twisting, but Gov. Snyder is ultimately in control of the state Republican Party and he was able to convince around half of the GOP caucus to act in the interests of the state rather than cower in fear from Tea Party challengers in their gerrymandered districts.

That is apparently not the case in Ohio.

Compared to Ohio, the Michigan GOP has a smaller House majority but a larger Senate majority. Nevertheless, 25 of 59 GOP House members and […]

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The Ohio GOP has been talking a lot about how many unfilled positions there are on Ohio Means Jobs (70,000! 100,000! Large numbers to impress quantitatively-challenged Ohio journalists!) and I’m betting it’s a matter of time before Nichols starts adding “jobs listed on OMJ” to “private sector jobs that began during Kasich’s term”.

This rhetoric is just “Kasich bein’ Kasich”. It’s not an argument why the unemployed should vote for him, it’s why those who care about the unemployed should vote for him. Similarly, rhetoric that “women don’t care about birth control” is why men who care about women should […]

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After a report by the Cincinnati Enquirer revealed that Mike DeWine’s office had been secretly using a new facial recognition system for weeks, DeWine held a press conference saying he probably should have announced the system earlier.  “I never thought there would be a big concern about it,” said DeWine according to the Dispatch. “It’s a natural extension of what’s been done in the past. No new pictures were taken.”

The problem, of course, is not that he failed to announce it, but that he failed to put any sort of procedures in place to protect the privacy of Ohioans […]

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