From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Racism is colliding business macroeconomics in the Ohio GOP. It will be interesting to see which carries the day.

I wasn’t surprised to return from a wedding in Texas to news that State Rep Matt Lynch wants to charge DREAMers more to go to Ohio universities, “revers[ing] the recent decision by the Board of Regents to allow in-state tuition to illegal immigrants1 in Ohio.”

When your policy is so stupid that even Rick Perry realized it was dumb a decade ago, you may be too racist for your own good.

1. Why have public universities?

Ohio has public universities […]

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Although affiliated as a Democratic polling outfit, Public Policy Polling has a proven track record in Ohio.  In 2010, it showed Strickland trailing Kasich 49-48 shortly before the election, but he had a 41% approval rating to 50% disapproval.  The final result was 49/47.  They showed Portman crushing Fisher 57%/39%.  The final result 57%/39%.  In 2011, it predicted Issue 2 (SB 5) would be defeated 59% by 36%.  Actual result was 62%/38%.  Last year, they predicted Obama would carry Ohio 52%/47%.  Actual result? 51%/48%.

Nationally, and in Ohio, PPP has one of the strongest track records […]

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