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Boehner haunted in his own house

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s latest fund-raising letter describes Speaker John Boehner as a “coward” for not challenging his unruly House’s threat to shut down the government if it doesn’t get its way on Obamacare and other White House programs.   Aside from a routine political bite out of the Republicans, the  DCCC’s assessment of Boehner is wrong.

Maybe a coward. But for those of us who see the grim-visaged congressman from southwest Ohio on TV every day with his funereal expression, he impresses me as being no more than a pathetic heap who is haunted in his own House […]

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Ohioans finally get to look at what our Exchange prices will be. This is good, because open enrollment begins in 2 months.

The Ohio Department of Insurance released a predictably misleading1 statement about “average premiums”. As Ezra Klein pointed out a while back, this is comparing apples to oranges you can’t buy. Most insurance products on the old market are only available for healthy young men.

So, I made price comparison charts for 4 people, based on age, gender, and income. The old market prices are from and, as Klein points out, these are teaser rates. If […]

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