From the daily archives: Monday, August 26, 2013

With encouraging predictions from the GOP’s resident gurus, Karl Rove and Dick Morris, that Gov.Kasich would defeat Democrat Ed  FitzGerald by 57 points, several low-ranking Republican lawmakers from southern Ohio are rumored  to be putting the final touches on a bill that would eliminate the 2014 gubernatorial election altogether.

One of the probable legislative  sponsors, an entry level statistician in JobsOhio, the secret Skull and Bones-style fraternity,  said he was impressed by crunching the numbers of campaign dollars and votes.

“It would save the state  money and create 627,492 – maybe even 627, 501 – jobs,” he said. “Who could be […]

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John Kasich was interviewed on WTVN this morning by Joel Riley.  In response to a question about Medicaid expansion, Kasich followed the formula for his standard response: I’m a religious man who reads the bible and the bible tells me I should be helping the poor.

Fair enough.  We support Medicaid expansion, and if takes some old-timey Christian guilt to get conservatives to sign on, then I’m all for it.

But during this interview, Kasich added a new caveat directed at WTVN’s largely conservative audience: we want to be careful we’re not helping out the lazy ones.

“It’s a sin […]

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At a recent press conference attended by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and a majority of their 19 children, Christina Hagan gave a speech to introduce her version of the Heartbeat bill – which would effectively ban all abortions in Ohio.    In the speech, Hagan makes the case that if all women were just forced to follow through with their unwanted pregnancies, we could quickly fill the positions in Ohio that are currently unfilled because they require highly-specialized and experienced employees.

“There’s a lot of folks who say you shouldn’t work on social issues but in fact economic issues and social […]

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I’m just an average man
With an average life
I work from nine to five
Hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone
In my average home
But why do I always feel
Like I’m in the twilight zone

And I always feel like
Somebody’s watching me
And I have no privacy

— Rockwell (with Michael Jackson singing backup)


In one of the must read stories of the summer, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that DeWine’s office has implemented a “facial recognition technology” that compares photographs […]

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