From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jack Gilligan died at 92 on Monday and it’s regrettable that he wasn’t able to announce his passing to a bunch of reporters gathered at his table at the end a long campaign day. His eyebrows would rise slightly, and with a teasing grin he would report that “the old banana-nose Irishman had finally done something that pleased his critics.”

Gilligan, former city councilman, congressman and governor, had a disarming way of shaping his most serious ideas with the wit of one who wasn’t quite sure that his listeners were ready for dead-weight political discourse to carry the moment. But […]

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As reported by Joseph, State Representative John Becker, a self-described Christian, is proposing to cut eligibility for childbirth benefits for Ohio women. 40% of Ohio childbirths are covered by Medicaid1.

The result of his proposal would be a large reduction in medically-supervised deliveries.

It will, however, lead to an increase in childbirths with no prenatal care, midwifery, or obstetrics. I call this the “Away in a Manger” plan; why is Ohio paying for women to stay at the inn, when there’s a perfectly good stable next door?

This isn’t just cruel; it’s also stupid. But it’s […]

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