From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ohio media has referred to Kasich’s budget as containing “anti-abortion” provisions. This is true, clearly, but those are merely the tip of the misogynistic iceberg.

To help educate the public (and the press!), we’ve put together this infographic.

Most voters aren’t motivated by abortion policy. They want it legal, sure, but they aren’t going to vote simply because a politician has tried to end legal abortion in Ohio. That’s why the press is shielding Kasich by labeling sexist tax policy, anti-miscarriage and anti-pap smear provisions as “anti-abortion provisions”.

The purpose here is to have a shareable […]

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It’s no secret that the Columbus Dispatch editorial board is in the tank for Gov. Kasich. The Wolfe family which has owned the Dispatch’s parent company have long been major Republican donors, and that continues today with leading members of the family being maxed out donors to Governor Kasich’s re-election campaign even 16 months before the election.

However, today’s editorial in the Dispatch is appalling in its hypocrisy.  The Dispatch’s basic argument is that Ohio has gained 162k private sector jobs since Gov. Kasich took office as proof that JobsOhio is working.  Also, it notes that most of […]

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