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With a new heartbeat bill still breathing in the hallowed halls  of the Ohio legislature, there is now talk of a proposal by a consortium of rural  GOP  lawmakers to introduce a “hoofbeat” bill to honor the many benefits of Ohio cows  ranging from McDonald’s hamburgers to Friendly’s triple scoop banana splits. A hefty House Republican from Southwestern Ohio assured his colleagues that the upbeat bill will pass with 49 co-sponsors.  “This will be a perfect fit for our base,” he said. “It will be like promising them a quarter-pounder in every pot.”

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Questions for the Dispatch Editor

Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison is going to interact with the public.

At noon on Wednesday, he is going to participate in a one-hour question-and-answer session on

We urge everyone who has an interest in political media coverage in Ohio to participate – and, of course, to be respectful.  The Dispatch will screen the questions, so we are curious if tough questions will get through.

Here are some questions we urge Plunderbund readers to ask the Dispatch editor:

Have any of the companies in which the Wolfe Family – publishers of the Dispatch – […]

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Pure coincidence

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As JobsOhio has come under attack for awarding subsidiaries of Worthington Industries tax credits while Worthington was still paying Governor Kasich deferred compensation and its execs were making large donations to the Ohio Republican Party, the Kasich Administration defense has been that the tax credits were actually awarded by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, an “independent” body they argue actually serves as a check on JobsOhio’s recommendations.

This has been a laughable defense, in large part, because the Ohio Tax Credit Authority is largely packed by appointees from Gov. Kasich with the two other appointees come from Republican […]

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