From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In 2010, former State Representative/GOP Cuyahoga County Chair Jim Trakas served as the co-chairman of Gov. John Kasich’s gubernatorial Cuyahoga County campaign.   When Kasich was narrowly elected by only a plurality of the vote, he “has said he will not base hiriing [sic] on politics, but rather on qualifications.”  But as the Cleveland Plain Dealer pointed out at the time, Kasich’s decision to appoint Trakas to be the director of the State Board of Cosmetology showed how quickly Kasich would violate his pledge.

Trakas had no private sector or really any legislative experience with cosmetology (well, beyond the […]

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[Snarkily re-posted from Grumpy Abe’s blog]

Among the many benefits of being a Grumpy Abe reader is that you often get news before it happens.  Today’s scoop arrives from Washington, where the Republican brass reportedly has completed its months-long mission of finding a comfort zone as the site of its 2016 presidential convention.  

The GOP stalwarts and honor guards will convene in Disney World.  

Chairman Reince Priebus, who is never without one more linguistic surprise, says D-World is a perfect venue  to integrate family fun and politics.

He would not confirm that the search committee also believed […]

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