The headline for the Columbus Dispatch article reads ‘Enough is enough,’ Coleman says on abysmal report card.  The word “abysmal” was some editorializing on the part of the journalist, of course, as no official was quoted using that particular adjective.

The new Columbus report card isn’t exactly stellar, but I do expect news reports to be a little more objective when reporting the news.  Officials quoted in the article described the new grades as follows:

“We as a community have failed the children of this school and we have failed the children of this district,” – Mayor Michael B. Coleman

“We are here to say enough is enough and we are not going to take it anymore.” – Coleman

“The state report card is not acceptable to this community and it’s not acceptable to me,” – Interim Columbus Superintendent Dan Good

“There are no excuses and I’m going to offer none.” – Dan Good

Coleman said it’s time to adopt the city’s version of the “Declaration of Independence” from the old way of doing business in the district.

These harsh comments directed at the Columbus City School system were in response to the district’s report card that resulted in 4 F’s, 3 D’s and 2 C’s.

Wow.  Can you imagine state officials’ and the Dispatch’s venom if there were any schools receiving a worse report than this?  What if that response was an offer to expand services by the state and complete silence by reporters at the Dispatch and statewide?

Yep, sounds about right.

The state’s large, for-profit e-schools received reports of even more “abysmal” performances, yet the state’s ban on creating new e-schools was recently lifted (and reported by the Dispatch, so it’s not as though the education reporters at the Dispatch are in the dark…).

Look at the chart below comparing the grades for the major e-schools in Ohio as compared to the “abysmal” Columbus City Schools:


Despite each e-school receiving only 8 grades (none reported a value-added grade for Gifted students), they ALL had more F grades than Columbus.  And the worst overall grades belonged to the infamous ECOT – 7 out of 8 F’s – the largest e-school in Ohio, “serving” more total students than the Dayton, Canton, Youngstown, Westerville, or Worthington City School districts.

Last year, worse-than-Columbus ECOT enrolled over 1,400 students who would have otherwise attended school in Columbus City.  Shouldn’t Mayor Coleman be outraged by that failure to the “children of this district”?

So, what was the consequence for these “worse than abysmal” e-schools in Ohio?

“The legislature allowed the state school superintendent to approve up to five new e-schools this year, and he approved three to open this fall: Mosaica Online Academy, Provost Academy and Insight School.” (Columbus Dispatch, 8/19/13)

Can you imagine an Ohio official proposing an expansion of the Columbus City Schools?  No joke – it would be better than an expansion of the state’s e-schools, yet that official would be laughed off of the podium.

Where’s the news coverage of this travesty to public education in Ohio?

And what’s a word that means “worse than abysmal”?

  • bronncohowie

    The owners of the e-schools are ALL major GOBP/teabagger contributors !

  • DublinIrishBob

    When the facts don’t fit the narrative of The Dispatch, then silence is their response.

  • missskeptic

    A correlation between reduced state funding for schools and grades?

  • Telchar Bladesmith

    “And what’s a word that means “worse than abysmal”?”

    Take your pick:


  • kmo

    Wasn’t ECOT the first school graduation speech for Kasich? Think that ranks right up there with handling over millions to Bob Evans and then pointing out that the company provides lousy benefits for its workers. Way to reward sub standard performance!

  • dmoore2222

    Let’s see. Throwing money at businesses a la JobsOhio just hasn’t worked to attract them to Ohio or even keep them here. Do you think maybe devoting that money to school improvement as opposed to cuts, or further wasting it on a failed fifteen-year charter school experiment, might send a signal that Ohio is serious about developing a world class workforce?

  • Jor Dough

    It’s only about the money!

    Recently, media-hound Jungle Jack Hanna has been on the boob tube shilling for ecot – wonder what his fee is for that ad. Ironically the Hanna spawn went to Dublin public schools. Think of the wads of cash Central Ohio public school kids’ families cough up for a “zoo-day” each year at Jungle Jack’s public money supported menagerie. It comes in by the busload.

    We owe Mike Coleman a debt of gratitude for showing us that pols are pols regardless of which party they claim as their own. It will be interesting to see how much cash Coleman rakes in for campaign contributions from the destroyers of public education or how the GOP will give him an uncontested pass on his next adventure in pol-public service and self enrichment.

    Kasuck’s bullying efforts are beginning to pay off – for Coleman

  • dmoore2222

    Coleman just may have swallowed the poison pill.

  • Natalie

    Greg- Do you know if the teachers at these charters have to be highly qualified? and are they evaluated using OTES?

  • gregmild

    From the Ohio Department of Education – “Most Ohio public school districts are required by law to have adopted teacher and principal evaluation policies by July 1 that align with the state-adopted framework. Specifically, the requirement applies to: all traditional Ohio school districts; educational service centers; and community schools, if they receive Race to the Top funds.” Many charters have received RttT funds. You can see the list at

  • Natalie

    Thank you!

  • mdnterambler

    where is the testing reports or data you reference for the e-schools? can’t find it. only the public schools were in the dispatch article. what are your sources?

  • gregmild

    Ohio Dept of Education website:

    To download the full spreadsheet, select “2012-13” > “School Building Data” > “Community Schools Rating Data”

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