According to a post by The Thomas B. Fordham Institute yesterday, the new budget released by House Republicans “risks making the Buckeye State the nation’s laughing stock when it comes to charter school programs.”

Fordham is hardly an unbiased observer. They are an advocacy group focused on education and they are unabashedly pro-charter school. They even sponsor charter schools in Ohio, including the KIPP school in Columbus. While I don’t agree with them on a lot of their policy, their analysis of the new budget is dead-on.

As Fordham points out, Ohio’s charter system has faced a whole lot of problems over the years:

“… some of the people and organizations that launched schools were ill-prepared. Some had eccentric views of what a school should be. Some operators turned out to be more interested in personal enrichment than in delivering high-quality instruction to poor kids.”

Fordham also noticed the same problems with the budget that we pointed out yesterday – for-profit charters get to escape from silly and annoying things like oversight from their boards and their sponsors along with public records and public meetings, and they get to continue opening new schools even if their existing schools are failing. Obviously those “more interested in personal enrichment” than in educating our kids seem to be driving the agenda:

“instead of seeking a balance between choice and accountability, its plan focuses exclusively on how more schools can open, especially those by for-profit companies with less-than -stellar track records of success in the state”

It’s not too late for Batch and crew to listen and take Fordham’s message to heart.

When a well-respected supporter of charter schools tells you your charter school agenda makes you look like a bunch of sell outs to for-profit charter school operators, when they tell you your plan goes too far and risks making the whole system into a “laughing stock”, maybe you should listen.

  • proudpublicemployee

    This article is dead on. I have just read the front page story in the “Not-So-Plain Dealer”, and it obvious to me who is calling the shots in Columbus with regard to the House Republican budget. According to the news paper, among other alarming provisions, the proposed budget states that once tax payer money is awarded to a charter school, the money is no longer public money and anything the operator buys with the public money becomes the operator’s property. The budget clearly shows that it is not about the kids as much as it is about allowing a few friends to accumulate as much wealth as possible from the tax payers. I could go on and on; but, the Republican agenda of taking tax payer money and making it the property of their friends seems to be steam rolling ahead unimpeaded. They must be trying to steal as much or our money as possible before being voted out of office.

  • Union Wife

    This is the same crew that brought in a fetus to testify when even the Ohio Right to Life folks said they were going too far. There is no common sense in the Statehouse and they’ve obviously been bought and paid for by the charter school lobby. Like Wylie Coyote, they’re running full speed for the cliff.

  •  These silly people want standards for schools?/snark  

    The charter schools are just trying to get a hold on the few dollars that corporations don’t control.    

    At my place, it is Silly Saturday, click on my name to take you there.

  • Double Duece

     It’s probably time for a constitutional admenment banning public funds for private unregulated charter schools without permission of the voters in the affected school districts.

  • Double Duece

     It’s probably time for a constitutional admenment banning public funds for private unregulated charter schools without permission of the voters in the affected school districts.

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