From the daily archives: Monday, April 11, 2011

John Kasich’s JobsOhio and the $100 million liquor securitization that his budget seeks to fund it seem to be designed to turn Ohio’s Development Department into a semi-private venture capital firm.  Given that’s Mark Kvamme’s comfort zone, and public economic development efforts are not, it’s not surprising.  What is surprising is the utter lack of anyone objectively and critically examining such a worldview as a model for economic development.

A few weeks ago, the Dispatch reported that Governor Kasich was spitballing yet another half baked idea of attracting private venture capitalists by changing Ohio’s tax code so there […]

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How radioactive is SB 5?  It’s so radioactive that Josh Mandel feels more comfortable putting himself at the right of the Ohio Right-to-Life in endorsing HB 125, the so-called “heartbeat” abortion ban bill, even though he’s taken no public stand on SB 5.  Mandel has all but announced that he is the likely GOP candidate to take on Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat next year reveals as his first public policy as a candidate a bill so extreme on abortion that the Ohio Right to Life says they cannot endorse it because it is so patently unconstitutional.

This shows you what […]

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John Kasich came into office promising to “move at the speed of business” to increase investment in Ohio and help bring back jobs lost as a result of the national recession.

As part of his highly touted economic development efforts Kasich has so far managed to spend millions of state dollars to keep two Ohio-based companies in Ohio – companies who were never really considering leaving the state – companies who weren’t even planning on expanding their operations.

Meanwhile billions of dollars of new investment has been ready to flow into Ohio, money that would create thousands of decent-paying […]

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We’ve already covered how Governor Kasich’s budget contains merit-based provisions for public school teachers and how he wants to clone parts of SB 5 into the budget to frustrate the referendum process, but Kasich’s budget also contains a number of provisions that weaken Ohio’s civil service protections.  Kasich’s budget, as it does elsewhere, contains language that gives one of his Cabinet-agency directors unprecedented levels of discretion to circumvent current law.

According to the nonpartisan analysis by the Legislative Service Commission (LSC) of […]

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