From the daily archives: Monday, April 25, 2011

I’ve been wondering why no one is talking about the “teacher incentive payment program” that Governor Kasich has included in his budget proposal.  Are we wondering if maybe it’s a good thing?  Are we thinking that maybe we want to keep this component of his proposal because it offers teachers a chance at getting more money?

Well, today I have the details.  I have the projected dollar amounts and where those students and teachers are located.  And I’m going to tell you why all teachers should summarily reject the Governor’s proposal as an insult to education.

I’ll warn you in […]

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As Governor Kasich and his allies boast about how JobsOhio is putting Ohio at the head of a “jobs race” among the States, several national media outlets question what the heck Ohio is thinking.

You know, liberal rags like USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, which both have reported that many of these economic development efforts fail to make meaningful progress in improving an area’s economy, but do encourage businesses to engage in an incentives racket to pit one area against another.

When Kasich starts to lose even the Wall Street Journal, well, game over, man…. game over.

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Eleven days ago, Ohio Governor John Kasich told the entire national political world that he was endorsing Haley Barbour to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

Right now, the Washington Post is reporting that Mississippi Governor/RGA head/former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour has dropped out of the GOP Presidential primary.  Barbour was polling nearly dead last in recent presidential polling, like Gallup.

I think John Kasich’s presidential run in 2000 lasted longer than Haley Barbour’s did.

Time to pick a new horse, Captain 30% Approval Rating!

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Last week, John Kasich expressed regret at his seemingly flippiant attitude towards diversity at the very beginning of his term. He even said that he thinks his Administration should strive harder than Governor Strickland’s to get the State to meet its 1980s mandate of setting aside 15% of all government contracts to minority-owned businesses.

We should support the Governor on this, because we doubt many in his party will. But that support also means we hold him accountable for his budget, which cuts funding for the offices charged with enforcing Ohio’s minority-owned business set asides by over half.

Also, Governor Kasich is making the right call on sentencing reform. If you support gun control, then you probably should support Kasich’s killing, for now at least, of the restaurant CCW bill, too.

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As Speaker Batchelder and other members of the GOP-led House are getting earfuls at town hall meetings across Ohio over the Governor’s unpopular education budget, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Kasich’s budget hurts the Cuyahoga County school districts that Kasich actually carried in the district.

As the House GOP asserts some measure of distance from Kasich’s budget by introducing hundreds of amendments, a real debate is shaping up between the House GOP and the Kasich Administration as to whether the half a billion expected “Strickland surplus” should be used to reduce Kasich’s job-killing cuts or to replenish the State’s “rainy day” fund to please Wall Street.

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Recently we did a post about the MANY lies Kasich has told since being elected Governor. Now we can add one more to the list.

According Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen Kasich is running around town telling people that “no school district is being cut by more than 8%” which is an outright lie.

We’ve spent more than our fair share of time covering the huge cuts to school districts across the state. But don’t just take our word for it. The PD has a good piece today that discusses the GIGANTIC cuts to North East Ohio school […]

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According to Fox Business News, Ohio is the 12th best state in the country for making a living.

The study was based on “the average income for each state after taking into account state taxes, unemployment rates and cost of living.”

John Kasich loves to talk down about Ohio, claiming our taxes and unemployment rate are too high. And he loves to talk up Florida as the state after which he wants to model Ohio. But as we’ve discussed before, Florida’s overall taxes can be higher than in Ohio and their unemployment rate is WAY higher – second […]

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