From the daily archives: Friday, April 1, 2011

I admit that nothing would make me happier to see the headline next year: “Ken Blackwell to face Sherrod Brown in November.”  And I hate to be a wet blanket, but it isn’t going to happen unless Blackwell is the only decent candidate to run for the GOP nomination.

Ken Blackwell announcing a Senate bid isn’t likely to dissuade rivals from not running.  Quite the opposite.  Let’s review the problems Blackwell faces:

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With Ohio gearing up for a referendum vote on SB5, new polling numbers show national support for public unions exceeds that of the Governors who are trying to bust them.

Gallup asked:

With whom do you agree more – governors or state employee unions – in state disputes?

48% of respondents agree with the unions while only 39% agree with the governors. Democrats favor unions at a higher percentage (70%) than Republicans agree with governor’s (65%) and Independents break for the unions as well – with 45% supporting them over the governors (40%).

Another poll by Faith […]

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I’m starting to wonder if we work for them.

Here’s the panel discussion on Hardball yesterday after ODP Chairman Chris Redfern

Since Hardball apparently decided to cut Redfern’s interview off the portion they put on the Internet, here’s the Hardball segment the day before with Senator Sherrod Brown.   (Note: the discussion about the impact this has in Ohio with what used to be called the “Reagan Democrats”)

Here’s former House Speaker/current House Minority Leader Armond Buddish on Maddow last night:

Plunderbund…. we’re like TiVo for Ohio progressives (‘specially if you mention us […]

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(Source: Marc Kovac @ Ohio Capital Blog)

There are so many factual errors in Kasich’s statements in this press conference you wonder if Gov. Kasich has ever studied the virtue of honesty in that Bible study he so loved to talk about during the campaign.

Kasich, the guy who talked about “breaking the teachers’ unions back” and who began the day bragging to his political supporters in a campaign e-mail about defeating the unions claims he doesn’t view anyone as opponents… Ted Strickland and his other opponents, I bet, would beg to differ.

Kasich has made this […]

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