From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another achievement John Kasich has listed in his 100 days of achievements is keeping Goodyear from moving to another State:

Keeping Ohio Companies in Ohio—American Greetings, Bob Evans, Diebold and Goodyear saving more than 5,500 jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue are saved.

And for once, Kasich is talking about a company that was seriously considering leaving Ohio and had multiple economic development offers to lure it away. And it’s also true that if it were not for the efforts of the Ohio Department of Development and local officials, Goodyear might have left.

The problem for Kasich is this all occurred in 2007, not 2011.

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So far we’ve explored Tea Party hypocrisy on Special Interests and the Government’s role in the “Free Market”. We turn our attention now to healthcare. Part 3 of this week’s Tea Party Discovery series reveals how Billionaire Koch funded American’s for Prosperity (known Tea Party astroturfer) sponsored a Town Hall meeting in which the GOP through SB5 injects more government control over healthcare. The Tea Party protests of this intrusion upon the people’s civil liberties never materialized…

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: John Kasich takes credit for something that turns out was not his idea, but something that was a labor of love of the Strickland Administration. On top of that, Kasich is touting the achievement while hiding that it’s being entirely funded by “one time” federal stimulus money.

Or did you hear the one about how Governor Kasich approached U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown about seeking another extension of a federal stimulus program for Medicaid?

Or how John Kasich’s budget relies on a Washington bailout that doesn’t even appear to be in the works? Or how it also relies on cost savings to the States provided by “ObamaCare?”

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Last week, I posted about Governor Kasich’s budgetary plan to require all core subject teachers in low-scoring school districts to take licensure tests. The text of this newly created section of Ohio Revised Code reads as follows:

Sec. 3319.58
(C) Each year, the board of education of each school district in the lowest ten percentiles of performance index score shall require each of its classroom teachers teaching in a core subject area to register for and take all written examinations prescribed by the state board of education for licensure to teach that core subject area and the […]

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Both the PD and the Dispatch decided to run reader polls today to gauge their readers’ feelings about Kasich’s first 100 days in office. Both polls showed nearly the same results.

The Plain Dealer asked: What do you think of the job Kasich’s doing as he nears his 100th day in office?

Over 76% of the nearly ten thousand respondents have chosen “Disapprove” so far.

The Dispatch phrased the question a little differently, but the results are actually more telling. Central Ohio’s paper asked: What grade would you give Gov. John Kasich for his first 100 days […]

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