From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

John Kasich’s budget and anti-union agenda isn’t as popular as you (and Governor Kasich) might think. A few weeks ago, Kasich pitched his budget to the state credit rating companies. They weren’t overly impressed.

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Last week Innovation Ohio issued a report estimating over twenty five thousand K-12 teachers and support staff could lose their jobs as a result of Kasich’s massive cuts to education. Kasich administration officials have dismissed the report and Republican operatives like Terry Casey have attempted to call IO’s numbers and methods into question.

While Kasich and his team may not be publicly admit the truth, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services seems to agree with Innovation Ohio.

According to a meeting notice I just received, ODJFS is starting a task force to handle the expected […]

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Kasich’s Office of Budget and Management says Ohio collected nearly a billion in more revenue in March than was projected due to strong economic growth in a recovery that has created jobs twice as fast in Ohio than Indiana or the rest of the nation. Thus, dispelling everything Kasich the Candidate said about Ohio’s economy last year.

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As we dig deeper into the budget, more and more crazy stuff keep surfacing and much of it directly and negatively impacts teachers.

Greg Mild has identified one egregiously nasty section (starting at line 51883) that could require tens of thousands of Ohio’s teachers to retake up to 5 certification exams each year, costing them $6,000,000 out of their own pockets.

(C) Each year, the board of education of each school district in the lowest ten percentiles of performance index score shall require each of its classroom teachers teaching in a core subject area to register for and […]

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The Ohio House Republicans ran in 2010 on job creation. They even had an entire platform of job-related bills they said they’d pass. As they self-congratulate themselves over their first 100 days in power, why is that 11 of the fifteen bills they highlight passing have nothing to do with jobs? And why did they spend more time on abortion than the budget or job creation?

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