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1 signature vs. 3,000

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On Thursday, Governor Kasich signed SB 5, triggering the 90-days in which to get the bill on a referendum or it becomes law.

Over the weekend, the Dispatch reports that SB 5’s opponents gathered over 3,000 signatures for the 1,000 signatures they need to initially file with the Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office as we’ve discussed this morning.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has reported the signatures were delivered late this afternoon to the Secretary of State’s office.  We’ve been told the required filings have been made with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.


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So today, our Budget Watch wrote about a small provision buried in Kasich’s budget that would seem to give the Office of Budget and Management practically unlimited authority to privatize any State service the Administration desires subject only to Controlling Board approval.

After the jump, we’ve got the four relevant pages from the non-partisan Legislative Service Commission’s analysis of this provision.  The bill only limits the Administration to contracts “no longer than 75 years in duration,” because apparently 72 years after he is no longer Governor struck even Kasich as too ridiculous of a time period to bind […]

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Over at Ohio Budget Watch, we have a blockbuster post up this morning exposing a hidden provision in the Kasich administration’s budget language that rips authority from the general assembly and hands it to the executive branch. This proposal allows an unelected Kasich appointee to personally decide whether to outsource any state service without legislative authority, without competitive bidding, without guidelines or statutory expectations for how that service is to be performed, all while exempting the chosen firm (which may be a major campaign contributor) from all state and local taxes.

These are the six pages the administration hopes […]

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Roughly a month ago today, I wrote a post outlining the referendum process to repeal SB 5

If you recap that post, here’s what’s already occurred:

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