From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Jobs First, a national policy group promoting “government accountability in economic development”, has called out John Kasich for “gutting of the state website that tracks federal stimulus spending in Ohio”.

The website,, used to contain links to details about stimulus projects being funded in Ohio and a tool so Ohioans could see how stimulus money was being spent in their areas. Now it just contains a single page with broken links to all of the details.

Obviously there is a political element here. With the 2012 elections coming up, the Republicans are going claim the stimulus […]

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WKSU reports that 400 city employees in Cleveland – including police and fire fighters -will be laid off as a direct result of state budget cuts.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson placed the blame directly on the Governor: “This is a state-imposed deficit that amounts to a state-imposed layoff and service reduction”

Add another 400 jobs lost to Kasich’s “Jobs Budget”.

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Last month John Kasich and his wonder boy investment guru Mark Kvamme announced they would be seeking a a tax break for venture capitalists who invest their dollars in the state.

Kasich and Kvamme want to you believe that it’s tax breaks that draw investors to California, Massachusetts, New York, Texas and Washington – the top 5 states for venture capital investment in the country.

But according to the Dispatch: “Ohio already offers a tax credit to those who invest in small research-, development- and technology-based businesses. Separately, investors who give to the Ohio Venture Capital Fund Program may […]

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Over the past few months DAS has put out a number of estimates related to the potential cost savings to local communities resulting from Senate Bill 5. The estimates have all been highly scrutinized as “junk science and faulty math”.

As school districts begin making the calculations for themselves – and comparing their results to those released by the Kasich administration – we are starting to realize just how incorrect the administration’s estimates are.

According to a statement issued by Springfield City Schools today, data from the state is “grossly inaccurate”:

State data released last week claiming Senate […]

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Today, President Obama released the long-form of his birth certificate which, under Hawaii law, they ordinarily don’t even provide to to people. Apparently, last Monday, the President hired a personal attorney to beg the Hawaii Department of Health to release his long-form birth certificate simply to put it to rest.

And as Wonkette pointed out, the heart of birtherism-World Net Daily-didn’t miss a beat, and declared that the certificate validated their view that Obama was ineligible to be President because the certificate says his dad was not an United States citizen—which nobody has ever claimed otherwise.

Trump moved onto to his next crusade—demanding that Obama release his college records, for some reason. It proves you can’t kill birtherism, it’ll just evolve itself around the facts and continue…

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Oh yeah, here it is.

Dear Trump, Bachmann, and the rest of the birthers,

Please STFU!


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[Disclaimer: This post is being offered for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to be legal advice, nor am I creating any attorney/client privilege.  The scope of this review is what is prohibited under Ohio law.  Individual agency policies may vary.  As always, I would advise anyone to independently consult with an attorney for questions about their legal rights in their particular situation.]

I’ve gotten at least one State employee who has e-mailed me an agency “policy” statement that suggests that any political activity by classified employees are prohibited on state property.  The general structure is a memorandum that […]

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