From the daily archives: Thursday, April 14, 2011

SEIU, Ohio AFL-CIO, and AFSCME all presently have scheduled training sessions so people know how to properly circulate the petition to submit SB 5 to a popular referendum once the Ohio Attorney General’s office approves the ballot language. We’re NOT sure which ones beyond SEIU are open to the public versus just their union members (perhaps all), so let us know what you here when you sign up. If you’re aware of any others, please let me know.

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Direct enough money to support John Kasich’s election, and he’ll endorse you to be President of the United States of America, even if you look to be the least viable Republican candidate running.

After making every ’12 GOP Presidential contender come to Ohio to openly support his candidacy (except for Sarah Palin), Kasich endorses Haley Barbour who directed $11 million of the RGA’s money to support Kasich’s candidacy last year.

This is probably the biggest tell that Mike Huckabee and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels aren’t going to run, though. Congratulations Governor Barbour, you have the support of the least popular politician in Ohio right now!

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Wenzel Strategies is an Ohio conservative polling outfit founded by former Toledo Blade political reporter Fritz Wenzel. In the past, Wenzel Strategies has conducted polls for conservative groups like Ohio Right to Life and the fringe conservative site, WorldNetDaily. And yet, when it polled SB 5, it finds that over a quarter of Republicans favor its repeal. Oh, and John Kasich is really, really, really unpopular right now. In other words, everything we’ve seen in just about every poll conducted in Ohio in the past month.

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Last week, we talked about Governor Kasich’s proposal to start incorporating cloned parts of SB 5 into the State budget. At the time, Speaker Batchelder indicated that his caucus was giving it considerable thought.

Well, it turns out that SB 5 is so wildly popular (more on that in a post later today) that the House Republicans have decided that they don’t want to have to share the ballot with it when they’re up for re-election next year. So for SB 5 it’s survive the referendum this November or bust.

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John Kasich’s long time friends Doug Preisse and Robert Klaffky are now lobbyists working for Pinnacle, the owner of a large Indiana casino company. As long as Kasich delays making a decision about Ohio’s casinos, Indiana casinos continue to thrive. Coincidence?

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