From the daily archives: Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) has finally taken a public position on HB 159, the bill that would require all voters to present a government issue photo identification in order to vote.

First the good news, Secretary Husted doesn’t believe the change is warranted:

"I believe that if you have a government-issued check, a utility bill in your name with your address on it, that no one made that up," Husted said to reporters following his speech during League of Women Voters of Ohio’s annual Statehouse Day. "They […]

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[UPDATE:]  We got some additional cities and updated contact information for a couple of places.  So if you didn’t find one near you before, check again!

Just in case you still needed information about how to catch a bus to Columbus for Saturday’s “We Are Ohio” rally at noon-3 p.m. at the Statehouse in Columbus, we’re keep this post at the top of the site through Friday:

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Here’s State Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Canfield) on Fox News to talk about SB 5.  Bill Hemmer cannot believe Schiavoni’s allegation that Kasich ever talked about “breaking labor’s back” during the campaign because… well, they’ve never gotten him to say that on Fox News??

Except it totally happened, Kasich even admitted during the campaign to it to saying that to Ashtabula County Republicans in 2009.  Hemmer focuses more on this quote, which isn’t even in dispute by Kasich, than focusing on the fact that multiple businesses have resigned a local Chamber of Commerce over their endorsement of SB […]

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It’s become a regular series here on Plunderbund, but now it’s starting to seep into the mainstream media, even the Columbus Dispatch: don’t listen to what Kasich says he’s going to do, because if you watch him you’ll see him do the opposite.

Here’s what Governor Kasich said in his State of the State about the importance of helping seniors stay in their homes:

“If your mom and dad want to stay at home instead of going into a nursing home, we should help make that happen. You get what I’m saying? Mom and dad can stay at […]

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Innovation Ohio released a study that concludes that Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” will cost Ohioans 51,000 jobs directly, the indirect number of job losses caused by the ripple in the economy was not calculated.  Here’s Dale Butland, Innovation Ohio’s Communication Director:

When Ohioans hear Gov. Kasich boast about his ‘jobs budget’, they mistakenly think he means a budget that creates jobs — not destroys them. But if the legislature enacts all the cuts contained in the Governor’s proposed budget, the 51,000 jobs we stand to lose is more than double the 22,000 jobs Ohio has gained since Gov. Kasich […]

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Seriously, is this what passes for newspaper commentary now? I read his column in today’s Plain Dealer on SB 5 and saw a guy destroy more straw men than a Kansas tornado.  A college freshman taking an Intro to Rhetoric course could have written a stronger column.

I know O’Brien likes to fancy himself as Ohio’s version of George Will, but like all cheap imitations, this one is deficiently lacking in the intellect and reason abilities of the original. O’Brien debates himself on SB 5 and declares himself the winner by refuting the following proposition he himself proposed:


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