From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yesterday we explored the basics of the stated Tea Party values and I made the first of many “discoveries” that point to the movement being more about opposing Democrats and less about any true ideals. We continue our look at the ways in which the Tea Party’s hypocrisy begins to show with Part 2 of this series by looking at the stated beliefs versus actions relative to Government and the “Free Market”. We also consider whether the size of the “movement” is shrinking due to disillusionment and ponder whether the Tea Party itself is dead.

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Our second most popular post in the past 100 days is my post about John Kasich’s “first” Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Resolution:

Yes, John Kasich’s first resolution as Governor was declaring St. Patrick’s Day as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  In fairness, it was a typo they cleared up the following day.  However, they still said Dr. King broke “down the barriers of racial and economic justice.”  Pretty sure they meant “injustice,” but since they’ve already had two goes of it, maybe not.

What could have been a one-day typo story, though, quickly […]

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100 Days; 100 Kasich Lies

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Kasich didn’t last an entire week without getting caught telling a whopper of a tale.  At the end of his first week in office, Governor Kasich called a press conference to declare that his new Ohio EPA director had resolved in a matter of a two days an air permit for an Ohio manufacturer that had "languished" due to bureacratic delays for twenty months.

The only problem was that people at the Ohio EPA got upset being thrown under the bus, when what had actually occurred was they were asked to give the Administration an air permit […]

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On his first day of office, Governor Kasich mailed a letter with a copy of his Inauguration Speech attached to every State employee.  In that letter, Kasich pledged:

We are going to help Ohio get back on track and we are going to do it by working together. As I said in my inaugural speech, which is attached, I believe very strongly that our only shot at success is to harness the combined energy, commitment, creativity and hard work of people from every corner of Ohio.

Our most important goal as the employees of the people of […]

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Just last month, John Kasich gave a meandering State of the State speech which lacked virtually any specifics.  In fact, Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D) and others pointed out it seemed virtually no different than the stump speech Kasich had given at Chamber of Commerce and other local organization meetings across the State. 

As is often the case with Kasich, the speech showed the beginning of a divergence between Kasich’s rhetoric about his budget and his actual budget:

Kasich seemed to be giving a stream of conscious speech that said more about his state of […]

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Governor Kasich began his first 100 days in office talking about people “needed to get on the bus” and “strap on their seatbelts” as he pushed to enact his conservative agenda to move his Administration “at the speed of business.” Proving that Kasich was better at making clichés than making good public policy.

Governor Kasich gets the House to pass his JobsOhio plan quickly despite widespread skepticism and bipartisan concern over its lack of transparency and potential for ethical problems. He dismantles Governor Strickland’s education reforms.

Yet, despite a host of legislative victories, from JobsOhio to SB 5, Governor Kasich finds himself ending the first 100 days with an unmoved 30% approval rating and a disapproval rating that has doubled in two months.

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