From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The question is, though, is this an issue that will motivate voters?  I mean those of us who already dislike Mandel will seize on this, and the fact that he’s running for higher office before serving three months in the position he was just elected, as a reason to continue to dislike Mandel.  But does this “promise” breaking cost Mandel with any of his supporters?  Or with Independents?

I think a more effective knock against Mandel is here’s a guy who will say anything to win (even if that requires him to do a 180 on gay rights, for […]

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Funny story…

Remember that luncheon for SB5-supporting legislators that I mentioned this afternoon?

It turns out Bryan Williams, the former state rep and current anti-union lobbyist who organized it just just got appointed to the State Board of Education.

Williams has been working as a lobbyist for the Associated Builders and Contractors. The organization, which represents non-union construction firms, opposed project labor agreements [PLAs] such as the ones used on some of Akron’s new school buildings. PLAs require contractors to pay prevailing union wages and benefits.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission, which oversees the state school construction program […]

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Who says there’s no free lunch?

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), an anti-union Construction-industry lobbying organization, has announced they are hosting a free luncheon for legislators – but only those who voted for Senate Bill 5.

Thanks for screwing the unions for us, have another mushroom crostini!

Kasich promised to keep the snouts of special interests out of the government trough, but he never said anything about special interest troughs and government snouts.

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Everyone has been asking us: what can we do to recall the Governor?

As we’ve pointed out many times, Ohio does not currently have a recall procedure like some other states (e.g. Wisconsin).

Could that be about to change?

State Representatives Foley and Hagan think so. They are planning to introduce legislation that would allow Ohioans to recall elected officials including the Governor and legislators.

Honestly, it seems unlikely this will ever come up for a vote given that the GOP controls both the Senate and House and the Governor’s office. But I’m still very interested to hear what they […]

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Over the past twenty-four hours, several media outlets, such as the Dispatch and the Plain Dealer, have been reporting on a supposedly “ new analysis” on SB 5 done by Kasich’s Department of Administrative Services.   I say supposedly “new” because although I have yet to see it myself, the press reports seem to contain the very same “analytical” claims by the same agency we dissected all the way back in FEBRUARY

But even as the Kasich Administration tries to highlight what they claim (through faulty statistics) are the savings of the […]

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