From the daily archives: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here’s Governor Kasich during his State of State Address:

Republicans and Democrats have long favored sentencing reform. Oh, we didn’t get to this because we were afraid also. Forty-seven percent of our inmates sit in our state prisons for less than a year and they sometimes sit next to hardened criminals. It raises the recidivism rate, costs taxpayers a fortune. Again, to everyone who’s here, 47 percent of people are in that prison for less than a year and we’re sticking them in there next to somebody who’s been a hardened criminal, a murderer, or God knows what else. […]

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Yesterday, Joseph wrote about how the Springfield School District objected to the Department of Administrative Services’ (DAS) “analysis” on how much SB 5’s provisions would supposedly save school districts obscene amounts of money.  In Springfield’s case, the school district estimated that the Administration exaggerated its saving by 784%, which, in most people’s estimation would be “a tad off.”

Today, the Hamilton Pulse-Journal reports that school districts in Warren County, the heart of GOP country, is protesting the DAS analysis as grossly overstating their potential savings as well:

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services report indicates the eight […]

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It’s official.

The $400 million casino that was supposed to be opened next year in Cincinnati has now been delayed until at least 2013 and could end being smaller than expected “because of an ongoing impasse with Gov. John Kasich over casino taxes and fees.”

As we’ve been reporting, Kasich’s indecisiveness is causing billions in new investment in Ohio to be delayed – along with the relatively-high paying (compared to Bob Evans, for example) construction and casino jobs it would create.

There is no getting around the fact that this delay hurts Ohio. But to understand Kasich’s […]

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Yesterday, WKYC in Cleveland aired an interview it had with President Obama.  The first question the President was asked was his thoughts on the debate concerning SB 5:

Obama didn’t just come out to make a statement about SB 5 unsolicited.  He was asked by an Ohio reporter to express his opinion on what has become a national debate.  He is, after all, the President of the United States.

So what’s Governor Kasich’s calm, measured response to this?

Earlier this week, Kasich toured V & M Star where he touted how it survived the recession […]

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