From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So the guy that promised 8,000 Tea Party activitsts would “surround” the Statehouse to show support for SB 5 is now planning an Ohio state Tea Party convention. Although he doesn’t have a single ’12 GOP Presidential candidate confirmed, he’s promising to have them at his new PAC’s fundraiser. He has booked Dick Morris, though. Yea!

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As Brian discussed a few days ago Senator Seitz has been kicked off the government oversight committee, which he chaired, for disagreeing with Governor Kasich on SB5.

While Senate President Niehaus has taken responsibility for Seitz’s removal as committee chair, everyone knows Kasich was the motivating force behind the decision, and everyone knows the reason why, including Seitz:

“I will not speak to the motivation behind it because it was not my decision,” Seitz said. “But having been removed from one committee weeks ago and now being removed from another, it brings to mind res ipsa loquitur, which […]

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The Canton Repository reports that Diebold’s CEO told Governor Strickland that his company had “a strong preference” to stay in Ohio. Is the ghost of NCR so terrifying to Kasich that he’s willing to give away the farm to even companies who are unlikely to leave Ohio? So glad we’re building a $100 milion global corporate HQ to keep a company here who already wanted to stay here. Sigh.

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Conservative blog Third Base Politics celebrates an organization of “teachers” who support SB 5. Fails to mention that the organization is an out-of-state California organization that has no Ohio chapter, that refuses to disclose how many, if any, Ohio members it has, and is founded and lead by… non-teachers, and its funding base is the same rich conservative ideological institutional givers that fund anti-labor “right to work” organizations it regularly works with.

Maybe before citing an organization as representing Ohio teachers, TBP should find one Ohio teacher that belongs to it, first?

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For the time being, the answer appears to be yes. 

In 2008, John Kasich formed a PAC called Recharge Ohio that had three central policy platforms: 1) repeal Ohio’s income tax; 2) repeal Ohio’s estate tax (which Kasich called the “death tax.”); and 3) massive increases to charter schools.  Kasich called the repeals of the income and estate tax necessary if Ohio was to ever climb out of its death spiral.

He went to Republican event after event, appeared on conservative talk radio all the way through election day, talking about how he was going to repeal these taxes.  […]

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Diebold’s international HQ’s is presently located in Green, Ohio near Canton—a region where the company started some one-hundred and fifty-two years ago.  It’s been at its present location since 1972.  While Kasich dithers on making any decision on the casinos, thus delaying billions in construction and new jobs, he’s rushing to declare victory over keeping Diebold in Ohio.

Today the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Governor Kasich and Diebold will announce that the State is giving $55 million (what budget deficit?) in tax incentives to essentially finance Diebold’s planned new $100 million world headquarters (the company […]

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