From the daily archives: Thursday, April 21, 2011

At at a press conference today Kasish decided to tell what he called an “interesting story”. The video is included below.

I’m still working on getting the “interesting story” behind the crazy, Ohio-flag-covered jacket Kasich wore to the event (more information hopefully coming soon), but in the mean time, here’s the “story” he told today:

“I ran into a guy who works for the PUCO, he’s involved with trucks and with licensing and everything and so I found out from a couple of the truckers that when they drive down the road and when they get a little mud on […]

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Tea Party Discovery #4:  Government Regulation

The stated belief of the Tea Party is to “end burdensome government regulation.”

The Tea Party members in Ohio apparently forgot about their opposition to goals of “less government” and “more economic freedom” as they rallied in support of the following items from Senate Bill 5 that limit the rights of local Boards of Education, elected by local citizens (The People), as they work to employ local citizens (The People) who are educating the children of local citizens (The People):

Prohibits public employees from striking. Expands the list of subjects that are inappropriate for […]

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Head on over to and the first thing you’ll see is this image quoting Thomas Jefferson:

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Wow! That quote seems to perfectly match up with the Tea Party’s “I ain’t payin’ for no lazy welfare queen” mentality. AND it’s from one of our country’s founding fathers.

Sure Jefferson was rich slave owner, but he is also considered one the greatest U.S. presidents. He purchased the Louisiana Territory, sent Lewis and Clark […]

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Today, the Director of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services sent a letter out to every State employees regarding SB 5. Amazingly (or not), the letter seems to be virtually lifted from the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee’s pro-SB 5 website,

Because it’s unusual to see an Administration lobby its own employees on legislation on a path to a referendum, we feel it necessary to fact-check some of the Administration’s own claims.

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Welcome to Kasichistan, where even members of the General Assembly can’t get information about the budget they’re being asked to vote on from the government.

Frustrated by the inability or unwillingness by the Kasich Administration’s hearing witnesses to provide basic answers regarding the Administration’s school funding formula and education budget, two Democratic members of the General Assembly tried another route: ask for the information by making a public records request.  Traditionally, when a Member of the General Assembly makes such a request, even if the information sought was not within the strict confines of public records, the information would […]

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It looks like Innovation Ohio’s latest “Taxpayer Rip-Off of the Week” Award has ruffled some feathers over at the House Republican Caucus.

According to IO, the Ohio Workers’ Comp Council (WCC) does “virtually no work” and “the Council pays its sole employee—Director Virginia McInerney—over $100,000 annually.” The council, with a budget of nearly $1 Million in the biennium budget, used to have 3 additional employees, but Virginia (who authors Christian books in her spare time) fired them all at once. The former employees sued claiming, among other things, religious discrimination. According to the staff members:

McInerney declared […]

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Conservatives like John Kasich tend to believe that Ohio’s economy would be doing just fine if we didn’t have a progressive income tax, didn’t have organized labor, and had more venture capitalists operating in Ohio.

Now that we’re roughly a year and half after the recession officially ended, we take a look at how those States who already have these things are doing compared Ohio’s unemployment rate. Take a look.

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The Dispatch is reporting that Columbus City Schools and the Columbus Education Association have come to an agreement that will save the school district $8 Million dollars in salary next year. They have also projected a total cut of $22 million from next school year’s budget.

The salary savings was accomplished with existing collective bargaining rights and the current step-based pay system in place, and without Kasich’s merit-pay changes to teacher salary.

pay scales, which determine how much money a teacher makes based on how long he or she has worked for the district, will not increase for the […]

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