From the daily archives: Friday, April 15, 2011

Two days after we reported how Governor Kasich came out of his meeting with the top three public finance bond rating agencies empty-handed, Kasich declares victory by saying he “prevented” them from lowering Ohio’s bond rating further. He then says that Moody’s LOVES SB 5 so much that if Ohioans repeal it, it may negatively impact Ohio’s credit rating. He’s lying on both counts.

The reality is that the bond agencies are more concerned about whether Kasich’s privatization scheme will generate the revenue and savings he claims. Oh, and one rating company has already lowered the City of Cleveland’s bond rating, specifically citing Kasich’s budget cuts to local governments as a factor.

Kasich wouldn’t know the truth if it wore a name tag and introduced itself to him.

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The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party officially announced a few minutes ago that Nick Martin has been tapped as the new ED of the country party. Nick’s primary mandate will be to modernize and rebuild the party infrastructure. The release specifically mentions the anti-SB5 efforts and the upcoming 2012 elections.

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John Kasich campaigned on a promise to keep young people in Ohio and he’s continued making this promise since being elected. According to Kasich, “young people are leaving the state for better opportunities” and he’s going to do everything in his power to get those kids jobs in Ohio.

This afternoon Kasich made a big announcement about his new website. The site is a partnership with the notoriously anti-union NFIB and Kasich would like you to believe it’s all part of his big plan to help find more Ohioans jobs.

In part, that is true.

According to the website, […]

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For the thirteenth consecutive month, Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped in March from 9.2% in February to 8.9% as the State had a net gain of 2,200 driven mostly by the 5k jobs gained in the manufacturing sector. Ohio saw a 1.6% drop in it’s unemployment rate over the past twelve months and is now .1% above the national unemployment rate.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, this makes the Strickland Recovery the second strongest recovery in Ohio since 1983, which again, draws a historical parallel between John Kasich’s and Dick Celeste’s first term.

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This morning, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine certified “We Are Ohio”s proposed summary ballot language to place SB 5 on a referendum vote this November. We’re still waiting on approval of the initial signatures by Secretary of State Husted, but we aren’t expecting any problem with those as the campaign submitted 3,000 signatures and only need 1,000 valid ones. That means the SB 5 referendum process is officially in the petition signature gathering stage!

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