I just read probably THE most unprofessional blog post that I’ve ever seen from someone who claims to represent the world of professional journalism. It’s from Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison and it’s titled: Lazy, biased reporting makes me sick.

Here’s the opening:

I usually ignore what’s written in the Other Paper. After all, its readership is insignificant…

He then proceeds to include a copy of questions he was emailed from Lyndsey Teter of the Other Paper, his responses to those questions and Lyndsey’s article from the Other Paper.

Talk about biased and lazy!

Marrison writes a 900 word blog post in which he openly admits he hates publications with lower readership – a post that includes maybe 100 words of new material – and he has the BALLS to title it “Lazy, biased reporting makes me sick”?

Note to Ben Marrison: If you want to pretend that you, as a professional journalist, are somehow better than political bloggers and Other Paper reporters because you are less biased and less lazy, then you might consider NOT being both lazy and biased while writing online rants for the world to see.

Don’t you know that’s OUR job?