From the daily archives: Saturday, October 30, 2010

I genuinely like this ad.  So much that I wonder, why is the Fisher campaign only now putting on something this entertaining?

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Moving at 42 votes an hour- Modern Goes GOTV in Butler County

2006 was a watershed year for Democrats in Ohio.  It was only four years ago, but what a difference four years makes.  I had just graduated law school.  My old boss, Congressman Ted Strickland, was running for Governor against Ken Blackwell.  Democrats were riding a wave into power across the nation.

So, I contacted the Butler County Democratic Party to do GOTV phone calls before the election.  It was the most depressing thing of the entire election.

I had to use my own cell […]

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…former Kasich staffer, Carpetblogging homeland security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, who was seen among the Republican thug contingent at the Teamsters hall in Columbus, which apparently thought it was funny to make a bunch of noise about sex and drugs while Bill Clinton was speaking.  Mature!  BSB blogger Nick D is in the foreground on the case, observing Keeling’s maturity.

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I just got back from going door-to-door GOTV in Butler County, Middletown, specifically.

I’ve done some kind of lit drop, GOTV work, in just about very campaign cycle since 1992.  What Organizing for America/ODP doing this year is absolutely sick.  I’ve never seen a GOTV operation as prepared,  organized, and focused as this one.  It was amazingly easy and simple.

Like the Early Vote, the GOTV canvass I did focused on infrequent Democratic voters, so I wound up hitting 83 voters in roughly two hours of going door to door.  Not bad for a Saturday morning lit drop.

In other […]

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Ideologies have a funny way of proving or disproving themselves.  Why then, do voters in this country appear ready to resurrect such a failed one?  Until Democrats find a way to answer that question forcefully, the undead of Republicanism will continue to haunt us.

My career has taken me deep into the politics of a lot of places, among a lot of different ideologies manifesting themselves in many different cultures.  From western European social democracies, to central European new democracies, to stunted dictatorships of Central Asia, to UN governed post conflict countries, and the strange stalemate of the West Bank […]

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