The story was front page of the Toledo Blade today, along with the story about the debate.

As you’ll see the Kasich’s campaign, and Kasich himself, didn’t exactly handle it well:

"No, I don’t think it’s deceptive. I think the ad’s fine," Mr. Kasich said Wednesday while at a meeting with The Blade’s editorial board. "How many actors do they put on their ads?"

None, according to Democratic Governor Strickland’s re-election campaign.

Yep, not one professionally paid actor posing as an Ohioan.  Which got me thinking about the RGA’s ads… Clearly, those, too, were paid actors.  And not even good ones.  But were they even filmed in Ohio?  The NRSC ad in West Virginia that they had to pull after it was reported that the casting call for it called for “hickish” looking actors with their own “beat down” John Deer [sic] hats was filmed in Philly.  Was any of the RGA ads filmed in Ohio?  Were the actors even from Ohio?

Meanwhile the Kasich campaign spokesman says don’t expect to see the ad on much longer:

“Kasich campaign press secretary Rob Nichols said the ad has run its course and is "cycling away."

Now mind you, that’s what Kasich’s spokesman said after the ad has only aired for three days.  In other words, they’re pulling the ad.

You don’t tout the ad to your supporters in a big e-mail blast and three days announced it’s going to pulled and not have it be because of some controversy over it.  That just does not happen.  They’ve not done that with any other ad this cycle.

Kasich’s in retreat mode heading into the final debate with the polls closing in on him.