From the daily archives: Friday, October 15, 2010

Turns out that the National Review blogger Kasich used as a “fact checker” for his new attack ad… really has a problem with facts.

Bill Sloat at the Daily Bellwether recounts how Holt had to apologize after equating Obama’s campaign slogan “Yes, we can!” to “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

Holt quickly apologized:

“I had intended it merely as a reference to what I thought was an oft-used campaign slogan in Nazi Germany, NOT to imply that Obama was on the verge of committing genocide.

“I realize that I was wrong not to research the phrase. If […]

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Has Tom Ganley given up?

On October 15, 2010 By

Tom Ganley’s campaign finance reports show that he decided to repay $2.5 in the outstanding loans he made to the campaign, leaving his campaign with only $100k on hand and $1 million in debt (to himself.)

The campaign is pushing the Cleveland Plain Dealer that this is not a sign of Ganley pulling up stakes right before the election, but I’m not persuaded:

“He tends to make big loans to his campaign at or near the end of a financial reporting period, which has had the effect of making his campaign look flush at the moment the political […]

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OH-01: Steve Driehaus: Raised $314,644.47, spent $857,963.81 and has $430,228.09 on hand.

Steve Chabot: Raised $412,676.66, spent $841,040.64, and has $590,102.48 on hand.

OH-6: Charlie Wilson: Raised $202,128.67, spent $82,007.76, and has $691,294.09, but owes $191,650.00 in debts.  Even if Wilson’s campaign paid off its debt, Wilson has a 2:1 cash-on-hand advantage.  Otherwise, he has a 3:1 advantage.

Bill Johnson: Raised $163,691.09, spent $81,981.49, and has $229,323.36 on hand (but campaign still owes $45k to candidate for outstanding loan.)

OH-08: John Boehner: Raised $2,227,188.84, spent $1,325,862.37 (in operating expenses including massive credit card bills, food/drink for fundraisers, and direct marketing […]

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John Kasich released a new ad attacking Ted Strickland over his ad attacking JobsOhio.

And just who is the person the Kasich campaign is relying of for these statements?  This kid:

Yep, that picture was taken this year.  Meet Mytheos Holt, the ‘10 graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut who now blogs for National Review—hardly an objective, nonpartisan, non-ideological publication.  [UPDATE:Anthony @ Ohio Daily Blog has more information about Holt’s “journalism” bona fides as well.]

Two days ago, I smelled a rat in Holt’s story, and wrote about his claims about the […]

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The Akron Beacon Journal did its own analysis of the early vote—half way through—in Summit County (Mary Taylor’s base.)  What did they find?

Highlights of the analysis include:

• About 24,000 Summit County voters have requested an absentee vote by mail or cast a ballot at the Job Center this year. This compares to the approximately 88,000 for the same period of 2008.

• Democrats are leading Republicans, particularly in in-person voting, where they have claimed nearly two-thirds of the approximately 2,200 early ballots cast.

• Democrats also are ahead of both Republicans and nonpartisan voters in mail-in […]

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Upon further review, it looks like the only thing that accounts for Kasich going from a four-point lead in the Ohio Poll in September to an eight-point lead today is that the Ohio Poll changed it’s likely voter model to predict even more of a Republican turnout than it did in September.

Here’s the partisan breakdown for the gubernatorial candidates in September:

In order that’s: Strickland, Kasich, and “Don’t Know.”

Now, here’s the partisan breakdown in today’s Ohio Poll:

In order that’s: Strickland, Kasich, Other, and “Don’t Know.”

Even with the addition […]

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First, the bad news.  The latest Ohio Poll came out today and suggests that Kasich is sitting on an eight-point lead heading into the election.  It claims that Strickland has only 42% of the support, even though the most recently polling has had him at 45% and above.

But, this poll sampled 17% less people than the one in September.  The smaller the sample size; the more likely an error.  But that’s not the only thing to suggest that the Ohio Poll, which is usually the most reliable poll, is flawed.  Remember, any poll of likely voters is […]

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There is something that is accepted as almost universal law in American politics: candidates run to their base in primary and then run to the center for the general election.

All year, we’ve been told that there’s enthusiasm among Republicans for Republicans (in general).  However, we have asserted that when it comes to specific Republican candidates, like John Kasich, there seems to be an utter lack of enthusiasm with the grassroots conservative base.  Most of the people who tweet about Kasich are either from his campaign (either paid staffers or the intern) or ex-Kasich folks like the Carpetblogger.

I have […]

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I’d like to start this post by restating something regular Plunderbund readers have heard many times before: no one is pro-abortion.

Despite what some extreme anti-abortion activists say, there is no such thing as an anti-life movement or a pro-abortion movement.

No one wants to see more women get abortions and no one wants to push abortion as the only option for women who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant.

Let me take that one step further.

After reading today about a new report from the state showing a continued downward trend in the number of abortions in Ohio I’m going to […]

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